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SOPA and the death of our culture

I don't have many watchers.But i think we the people should boycott every company that supports sopa.
If they wish to censor us, then we can just as easily   not give them our hard earned money.
 We have to do something or else our entire internet culture will die. Furry sites will be targeted, anything rule 34 is fair game for corporations if this passes. So i am sending this to my few watches in effort to try and save net culture. Also any place that links to or streams is in  danger.  Anyone that makes walkthroughs of games or previews upcoming titles, anyone that dose games reviews will be shut down. The Corporations and government will have the ability to remove content with little or no due proses.This bill has the potential to target anyone speaking out against them could be shut down without notice. So to conclude I am asking for a mass boycott of all companies supporting this bill that can be easily abused with only real voice we have left. With out our money funding them they will lose the power to unfairly influence the law. but it will only work if this done in mass. It is really the last voice we have left. so i ask you all to help me fight back. I

This link http://paidforby.us/2011/11/companies-that-publicly-su... is a full list of the company supporting this bill
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