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part of my mind

I must be blind because I don't see what I have
I must be chained since I don't seem able to move where I want
it feels so cold around my skin
my emotions never come gently ... they rush in strongly and never had any problem to give me the feeling guilt many times
my thougths comes and goes ... leaving me blank somedays and others overthinking over decisions to make

I am to scared to be honest towards myself and often let others stand first and feel happy from their joy when I want to cry for myself in a empty room
and I am so easily scared from raised voices that I immediatly think it is my wrong doing and want to please just to calm the emotion that have stirred up or run
it might be my fault sometimes for not having seen the line that was hidden, I just don't see them as
easily as others do

longing for a warm touch that says it is ok  that sometimes it is easy to forget in the moment
a gently stroke over my hair while saying it is ok to think over things but just do it calmy and don't jump onto one thought that takes you to many more and assuming things are wrong
a hug to keep me in place and let me cry over a shoulder rather than letting me hide alone with guilt and tears
a soft reminder but never in harsh tone that some matters should be left alone and a simple why it hurts

things are never simply in life ...
and never straight path as in movies or games
it is never wrong to wish for others to be safe and happy but never wishing it for yourself is wrong

keeping on a straight path is hard ... so very hard
friends comes and goes through life
never cling to one person that only hurts you and keeping a blindfold on yourself on what happens around you and wishing for a change that never will come ... some just don't change no matter how hard you wish for it

still crying for old memories that have more than years time over them ... you need to let go no matter how fresh they might seem to you, they belong in the past

why is it so easy to give advice for others and never following them yourself?

logic and sense don't often match to what the heart says and can be easily overpowered from the feeling you have inside the chest or the mind sometimes

this is just what pops up in my mind some days and evenings ... overthinking and touched by old ghosts from memories
even more so when feeling down and trembling from the cold even tho it can be warm in the room

lurking in shadows are so easy than standing in the light and hoping not to be brought down for saying something wrong

.. will stop here or I won't be able to ponder on anything else for this time being and wanting to go back to sleeping through things

a part of my mind..
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
That is very pretty poem!
7 years, 4 months ago
partly poem but thanks
7 years, 4 months ago
either way it's still the most beautiful thought expression i've heard this year!
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