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Not Too Bad.
I joined the fandom 2 years ago in January, (Fur Affinity.)
Less then a year later, they banned Cub Porn... temporally cramping me in certain ways, as Cub Porn was nearly all I cared to work on.
For a little while actually, I didn't feel like working on anything.
Now, somehow I don't know how... nor why, I have suddenly started pressing myself to do much more in art.
Even if it takes me a week or two to do something from scratch.
I don't know if it's INKBUNNY... the fact that there's always SoFurry, or the fact that if it's against both their rules, I can branch out further onto Furries Xtreme.

It's probably a mix of all three, as there's always a place to go with anything and everything I do.
My idea of mixing Stewie into my art, As I Do Some Certain Things With A Cartoon Stewie Body.. there's places I can go with that.
But my mind is thinking bigger and lessor rated at the same time.

Then I could also easily make it appropriate for all audiences and then place more then one Pichu into my human arms... as I make it look like I am babysitting them all.
Them are Supposed ideas... I am not completely sure of.
Stewie I am giving serious thought to doing though.

My mind wants to branch out to working on ideas for Disney and other studios, as I stay in other ways where I am now.
The side of the camera I am currently on suits me just fine.

Thanks Very Much For Reading.
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