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Last update soon!

The pokemon story is finally reaching its end! In it's present state, there will only be one more public release, and that will be when it is finished. I thank you guys for your support, and for the help you've all given me as far as writing this goes.

There is even more news, though! This will NOT be the end of the story as a whole. I know that there are a few loose ends I'll have to tie up, and it will be done in the NEXT story. ^_^ (dont kill me!)

Here is my overall plan for how the entire series will play out:
Part one: Phy's story
Part two: Chi's story
Part three: Lash's story

Though it has taken the better part of 2 years to write such a short story, It wont take nearly as long for the others to be finished once i start them, and I wont be posting much on them until I do a major portion of the stories. Again, thanks to any and all who have faved, read, or offered feedback for this story.

Note: I've also recieved a few nasty PM's about my layout and formatting of the story. Here is all I have for a response:

1) I am not a proficient author. I have never liked English, and still dont. Hell, I dont even like to write essays! I did this with the knowledge I have picked up from the other books I have read, the games I have played, and the overall knowledge of how I and others tend to speak.
2) The formatting is the way it is because I haven't bothered to take care of it. I will fix it ONLY when I am done with the story, and am releasing the final version to the public.

If it rubs you the wrong way, dont read it. If you find a few annoying things in it, they may well be fixed once I do my final review. Lastly, be patient with me. I'm busy with my own life, and I dont get much time to work on my projects and commissions. I work on them when I can, and they get done when they get done.
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