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Iron Artist Rules

How Do I Claim A Spot?

- Claim a slot(s) and leave the best way to contact you in the comments below (or comment and note me your email/etc) me. Claim as many as you like.
- DO NOT SEND YOUR PAYMENT: You will be asked to send it a few days before I start your commission.
- DO NOT GIVE ME REFERENCES unless I specifically request them
- WAIT until I get to your number and contact you. I will ask for your email unless I already have it.
- GIVE ME REFS, as many as possible, and a brief description of the personality/etc of what I'm drawing. I want to make this commission what YOU want!
- I WILL SEND AN INVOICE to your email, which you must pay within 24 hours of receiving. If you do not pay it, your reserve slot will go to the bottom of the list. No exceptions.
- PAYMENTS AND TIPS are to be sent to dirtymonkeyboy[at]gmail.com
- UPDATES will be made regularly, and minor changes can be made ONCE during the sketch progress.
- IF I DO NOT HEAR ANYTHING FROM YOU three days after posting the update, I will continue on with the commission and no changes will be made.
- Inability to follow these rules will result in either being bumped to the bottom of the list.


- An upgrade is when a buyer takes a previously bought and completed commission and upgrades it to a higher level of completion.
- an upgrade must be reserved like any other slot, so you would pick the next slot that is not yet reserved.
- Any IA commission can be upgraded at any time that IA is open/running.
- Upgrades cost the current difference between the two commissions. This means if you buy a sketch for $5 on 12/20/2011 (A), and in 02/20/2012 want to upgrade it to a full color (B), you pay the difference ( C). AKA you pay: B - A = C
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