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Paws-on: Assassin's Creed Revelations

Assassin's Creed: Revelations
PC; Xbox360; PS3

Yeah, i'm not dead. I've been "busy" those last months, but i'm back on track for now.
I know you missed me... No, you don't have to say it, i know you do... But it's time to get back to work, so:

While everyone bought Skyrim and are losing time, jobs, and possibly wives just to play it; Assassin's Creed came by, and dropped right on our keyboard/controller/cyberneticSEGAdogs/etc...
I have been playing the Assassin's Creed games since the first, and while Assassin's Creed 2 was bigger, and Bortherhood added multiplayer and even more side missions, Revelations actually is just the shadow of those two.

I haven't played any Assassin's creed for a while, but i quickly got my awesome assassins skills back, it's both a good point and a bad point, because it mean nothing changed, or barely. But whatever, i don't care... And i also quickly found out that the same problems where there too: Sometime you do something you didn't wanted to... Now, i care.
Goddammit, why can't i just walk fast without stealing the purse of an old woman and end up spotted by every single person in a 10 meters radius? (Because Ezio is THAT bad as a pickpocket)
Or do a regular jump, instead of a leap of faith? I actually had to climb one of the highest tower 3 time because Ezio absolutely wanted to jump into a haystack instead of jumping of the roof to let me use the parachute...

Which lead to another annoying thing... In some missions, getting a 100% synchronization can be "hard" (Mostly because you have to figure out how to do it correctly...) so you'll probably restart it once or twice...Or more. And this is when you'll notice that you can't get rid of the cutscenes... It's quite annoying with the Assassin's missions, where you often have a little walk with one of your assassins for a good 30 or 40 seconds, before you have to run to your objective xxx meters away...
For a game where you are playing some Parkour-maniac it's weird to be stuck waiting for two characters to stop chatting over and over...

Both of those problems existed since the first AC, mostly because the game is a Console port... like almost every single games in the present time.
But that's not and excuse... Actually it's the worst of all the excuses since some ported games don't have those problems (Badly ported games is not Consoles fault, it's Game companies fault)

The game also suffer from a serious lack of music... Seriously, i barely heard any, or it didn't caught my attention at all. And i'm quite a music-addict, so it's big bad point actually.
Assassin's creed never had a strong "Main theme" or anything like this... Like Zelda, Mortal Kombat, or more recently Skyrim have. But at least you had some cool musics and what not, like Borgia's music at the end of Assassins' creed 2 (This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvYQXaYZsbA). But here... Nothing.

For the gameplay, it's pretty much what the previous games are, besides the new Hookblade, which is a nice addition (New way to wander around, and new combat moves). And bombs, but most of them are useless. While most ingredient are useful some of them are almost similar. And when it comes to the Shells, there is only one good item: The impact shell. The rest is "Just for fun".
You'll probably just end up using Smoke bombs, and Datura bombs (Which are both the most useful, less noisy, and less dangerous for the random citizens) They should have made real differences between ingredients, and made all shells interesting at least for some missions.
Also, the Assassin's Guild meta-game didn't really changed, except the assassins can hit a higher level, and some little new things...
But one thing really disappoint me... Almost the entire game is in Constantinople.
Ok i like the look of the city, and it's one of the most famous city in history. But seriously... It's a step backward from the previous games. We could go to others cities, and even had horses... In Revelations: No more Grand Theft Horses. I used to love fighting on my horse...

But the game did a real step backward when it comes to puzzles... There is barely any puzzles in 'Revelations'.
Besides Desmond's memory puzzle, which is just a platform meta-game, you will only end up with one really easy puzzle at the end of the game... Seriously: What the hell?! In the previous episodes you had some real puzzles, where you had to really use your brain, or at least half of it. But here you have a few basic puzzles...
It's not a bad idea actually, a simple platform/puzzle, while listening Desmonds talking about his past, in a weird but pure environment... They are not completely boring, nor stressful... But it's the only puzzles we have...
In comparison, it would be like.... I don't know... Portal 3... putting Companion Cubes on buttons... and not using any portals.
Okay, maybe i'm going a bit far since Assassin's creed wasn't only about puzzles, while Portal is, but it's not only about running on roof and cutting peoples without reasons either.

And now, talking about the story... Well it's Assassin's creed, so there is a big story... But they barely used it in this one. For an episode called "Revelations" there is not really any revelations... Once again, previous games did better at this.
And the game is really short. Peoples said Brotherhood was AC2.5 while i said it was a game on it's own. But Revelations really feel like half the game it could (Or should) have been...
The only interesting thing about this episode is Clay (Sixteen), which is a cool character, and Desmond have a good amount of interaction with him. Well... For someone who is supposed to be dead i mean. And we play as Altaïr once again... Seriously, it's THE assassin of the game, so they had to... And they did. But it's not a game about Altaïr, so don't expect to play a lot with him (I'm sure it's the most popular Syrian in the entire world...)
And the fightings and assassinations are still fun though a bit easy. There is also some cool moments... Like walking into 4 guards, in a restricted area, sending an Arrow storm signal, and walking by while the guards fall on the ground... It's still cool.

About the look of the game, it didn't changed either, but i'm not complaining about it. I don't think good games need super-duper graphics (Minecraft) though it's always welcome. So Assassin's creed: Revelations have the same engine as the previous one. It's still nice, and run well on most gaming computers. Desmond have a new face, but you'll get used to it. And i actually like the new facials expressions.

I'm not going to talk about the multiplayer, since it's the same as Brotherhoord, and barely played it. It's fun, yes, but it's repetitive. So it's only fun for a while. And there is no real improvement... They could have added a cooperation mode, and no that don't mean an arena with just peoples to beat up in waves... I mean a real mission in a "small" map with Templars, or something like that. It would have been an easy addition, which could have come with DLCs to make more money of it... But no.

So i must say, the game is decent, it's Assassin's creed after all (Decent graphic, good story, cool moves...), but the game is short, and lack of ambitions... and the disappearance of old stuff (Real puzzles, horses, city travels, horses, and horses... Wait i already said that) is barely hidden by the new ones (Hookblades, bombs, Desmond mind platform-game, etc)
The game is not horrible, or just bad, it's a good one on it's own, but have a serious lack of content when you look at the others... So it's not worth 50 euro. 20€ maybe 30, yes, but not 50€.
If you receive it as a Gift for Christmas, it's just an overpriced gift, but not a bad one.

Next (And soon) in Paws-on... I used to test a game, then I took an arrow to the knee...
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