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'Tis the Season!

Thanksgiving was hit and miss. My visit to my dad's was about as hectic and ulcer-inducing as usual. But overall things were all right. Utterly stuffed myself with turkey. Ugh. I never wanna eat turkey ever again after how much I crammed into myself both during and after Thanksgiving dinner. The car ride back was an exercise in tedium and frustration. Ever notice how getting somewhere is half the fun... but returning is so annoying? Last time, at Christmas, coming back from my dad's was horrific due to the icy and snowy weather. This time it was due to freezing cold rain and horrible other drivers (one guy on a pickup carrying a Harley apparently tried to merge into the same lane as us while we were still next time him; some people have no peripheral vision!). Overall though, that's all water under the bridge.

I'm just glad and thankful to be home safe once again in familiar surroundings. And finally all the damn stores have an excuse to be playing Christmas music all the damn time. Christmas is off to a slow but pleasant start for us here. I've been invited to go to my dad's for the week before Christmas but am uncertain if I want to accept. I love my father but holidays with him can be tedious. I think I may just stay home this year, since I went to see him for Christmas last year but not Thanksgiving, and he already had me for Thanksgiving this year, and he doesn't get me for both, dangit.

We've already got our tree up and mostly decorated and done some shopping. We needed a new tree since our rabbits chewed through the electrical cord of our old one's lights. It isn't a case of just needing new lights since artificial trees these days seem to have the light system so tightly wound in it's impossible to remove and replace them if they're damaged. So we needed to scrap the entire tree. Bad bunnies!

So we had to get a new artificial tree. (does anyone actually sell real Christmas trees at actual outdoor tree lots anymore?), so we got a cheap one at Kerr Drug. My sister insisted on buying us a better one, so we took the cheap one back and she brought us this seven foot tall monstrosity that wouldn't fit in our living room because it was too huge.

Not wishing to end up like the Griswolds, we gave that tree back and undertook a quest to the mall to go to Sears. No easy undertaking as it's a bit of a drive and the main reason we hardly ever go there anymore. My mom was set on getting a tree with LED lights instead of traditional bulbs but Sears only sold one such model which has blinking lights and they were all sold out. However, the sales guy offered to give us the display model, which worked perfectly, and, since it wasn't in its original box, he offered 10 percent off. My mom was initially reluctant since she didn't like the blinking lights, but it was this, the seven-foot beast my sister had gotten us, or we continue hunting around. Being a practical woman, she went with Option A and we said yes to the Sears guy's offer.

They dismantled it into three pieces (four including the stand) and we took that sucker home, wrestled it into the house and fought a titanic battle to assemble it and hook up all the proper cords and stuff, and, after we had successfully defeated and assembled it, we decorated it. We needed a new star since our old one was kaput, but a quick trip to Wal-Mart solved that problem. We like the new tree quite a bit, and the blinking lights are growing on us.
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