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On My Commenting Habits, Things I Will Star/Like, Things I avoid, and Lets Classify!

I have trouble commenting on people's arts. It's not that I don't want to, it's that either A.) It seems really stupid to me or B.) What I could say has been said already. So please, don;t get angry at me because I liked/starred something you drew. I'm not someone who RPs with responses and when you the 90th person so see a piece, most anything that can be said has been.

Now things that I like include the following:
Cute babyfurs (not mature)
Father/Son incest
Sexual tension/Public sex
School settings
Witty satire
The Colin Boys
Art by
, or reminiscent of his styling like Syd
Partial clothing (esp. business attire)
Reasonable size difference
Rule 34 applied to cartoons I grew up with
Tentacle rape
Penile piercings

That's probably not a complete list, but it's close. However, I can make a complete list of things I am turned off by. And when I see them, rather than comment how I don't like it, I just move on. Sometimes the quality of art is good, but the subject isn't what I like. In those cases, I learned not to comment because it generally seems to piss people off. But that list consists of:

Snuff/Death/Violence/Destruction (not necessarily rape)
MLP:FIM (more because of the fans rather than the material)
Drug use
Poor MS Paint produced work
Huge penises/Hypercock
Huge breasts/Hypertits
Multiple breasts
Multiple hyper breasts
Hyper nipples

There are some subjects I'm kind of on the fence about. Oviposition, watersports, and rape can be boderline things which are more judged on the quality of the material rather than the subject.

And to play an interesting game, feel free to suggest a subject and I will make my ruling on it. And just remember things I like don't mean you should dislike them too, or that I'm on some kind of crusade against the subject.
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