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Furry Writing Boo

I really do wish there was a healthier market for Furry literature.

Or at least a rock-solid method of offering the product, the same way our artist friends have visual depictions of what we as Furries envision for our world.

And I speak for all of us, not just those of us in the Erotica genre.

With what I can do, it would make me extremely happy to start making a living on writing my literature, porn or not. I enjoy making the layout, designing my characters, the ease of clacking my keyboard, etc. I feel like I am running a literary porn studio, using a niche that makes me feel good on the inside, and even more so, I have outlets to sell such works, from Lulu to InkBunny. I actually enjoy writing because I have everything I need, it costs me absolutely nothing to do, it's a very quiet task that engages my imagination, it's not taxing on my skills (ie: game design is effin' hard in comparison), I am much more intricate at it than I am at drawing, etc.

But alas, Furry writing gets the shaft. I even joke that I made better money as a game designer, having raked in only $4 in the past two years [read: all I ever made], and I have yet to receive that because I need to break the $20 quota set by Lulu.*

* When I started my Lulu account in 2008, I used my Lulu account to sell PDF games; within a week of publishing my first one, I actually made a sale, and since then I haven't made anything. As of July 2010, I morphed the site to sell my erotica.

Having gone to a panel on Furry fiction at FF10, I felt everyone's pain there too. More so, a better part of them were non-erotic writers. It's true; between commissioning someone for a colorful picture of your character or a page of text about your character, which would you rather have? No one wants to read, they want to see the alternate reality at a glance.

We have nothing of utility or pleasure to sell to our own community with a skill we particularly like.

Writing has been around for centuries in like every damn culture out there, some of which became masterpieces of their era. More specific to my genre, like Marquis De Sade's works, the Kama Sutra, or Fanny Hill, written way before any of us, they stood the test of time and have some level of note in the world. And it was taboo back then!

We live in a much more culturally lenient world, filled to the brim in technology that makes writing a cinch. No more quill pens, no more expensive papyrus paper, no more crossing out, no more large wooden printing presses. Heck, no more inventory, with the introduction of eBooks and blogging!

The market for books in general is still healthy and well. After all, how did things like Twilight or Harry Potter make it through? You would think they're better off in Hollywood than in print at first with today's world. Want to stick to my genre? Just ask Zane or James Lear. They got around on it.

Granted, it's human porn, so the market is larger, but my point is that they have some prominence for their market, where's ours for our market?

To some extent, some efforts have been made to get Furry writers a stage, such as the Furry Writer's Guild, Furplanet, Furrag.com, and SoFurry (being the writer-friendly competitor to FA with its roots in YiffStar).

If it is one to say anything, many stories featuring what could be a Furry cast of characters, though not written intentionally for Furries but for the entire world, still made much better a place. Redwall or Watership, anyone?

I think as a Furry author, it is imperative that we not only do the whole "network with each other" shpiel, but whatever it is that needs to be done to make us just as prominent as our artist friends to customers within and outside of the Furry know.

How can we make blocks of text much more worth it to sell to the eyes of a community like ours?

This is something that will be bothering me for a while.
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Added: 8 years, 3 months ago
8 years, 3 months ago
I totally hear ya! I'm not sure what the answer is. We're always looking to make IB better for writers and musicians as two areas that struggle to get the same following as drawn art. Making items people want to buy is a huge challenge for visual artists, so it's even harder for writers. All I can suggest is making larger compilations (maybe team up with other artists?), find niche markets of special interest (something just being furry and porn isn't specialised enough these days to attract attention, you need a "hook" that makes the story interesting and unique) and illustrations definitely help if you can find an artist to team up with.

Artists are rarely able to sell "single" works, as buyers are looking for value. Even two or three stories in a pack would do better than selling them all one at a time, I think. But it's all going to require a lot of experimentation, and pushing on even if it doesn't take off at first.
8 years, 3 months ago
One time ago I mentioned doing that; to bundle the stories into larger books, and yes it's a better idea. It's just appropriately bundling them because of my largely-varied target audience. That's pretty much why I dove for a blog until I can get things straightened out. I figured sticking with one issue at a time would do, so readers select the one they want. I'm probably going to swing back that way, come next year.

Unless I can figure out a way to monetize my blog. Then that'd save trees, make me money, and benefit everyone. :3=

As far as the hooks, the whole "cheesy porn flick" style is the best of a hook I got. I'm also working on a series sort of thing as one more step to building my base, kind of like a way to remember me because of "that one set of stories".
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