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Weddings and toothache!

Well, that was one hell of a weekend. A very good friend of mine got himself hitched with a fantastic lady, and the festivities were some of the most fun I've had in years.

Thankfully, the fact I had less than five hours of sleep over those two days failed to bring me down. However, the extremely painful seemingly infected tooth I picked up somewhere along the way made a very good attempt.

It's early morning and I don't even dare consider sleeping. Got the most absurdly potent over-the-counter painkillers I could, and I've nearly finished the entire packet in under 48 hours. I'm actually concerned about liver damage, but frankly I'll endure it if it means I don't have to endure the full pain from this damn tooth.

Speaking of liver damage, I finally had good reason to relax and enjoy a little alcohol. Again, anything to detract from the pain. Sitting up the front with my mate, popping painkillers whenever everyone's attention was diverted - plenty of fun.

Spoke and shared drinks with people both underage and twice my years, including another author. Was an overall fantastic night, commemorating a wonderful event.

One interesting thing: the flower girl was a rather shy kid, and once I realized that at the rehearsal several weeks ago I decided to try and get her to relax a little. I mean, she was so shy she couldn't do her job and that isn't fun for anyone.

So I did, and succeeded. I explicitly apologized for "screwing around" that day to the bride and explained what I was up to. She told me she had realized what I had been doing, and mentioned that "nobody had ever gotten {the flower girl} to open up like that before."

What I didn't expect was that the kid's father would come up to me on the day of the wedding and similarly express amazement. Apparently, this was one heck of a shy kid until I came along.
She'd told her dad about me, so I guess I made an impression. It's always great to know that you made a difference, especially where kids are concerned.

Not that the kids stuck around for the reception except for one or two. I guess people were nervous about letting their kids see them when they were utterly smashed. Pity, I know I would've found it hilarious when I was eight.

But now the festivities are over and I'm left with toothache so intense I may just start murdering passersby with coat-hangers if I don't get it sorted out soon.

Hopefully, I can see the dentist tomorrow. I've never experienced being gassed under before, so should be interesting.

Because I am certainly not staying awake while this thing gets yanked.
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Tooth pain is the worst! Other then that it sounds like you had a good time :]
7 years, 3 months ago
Did indeed! It was awesome. It's funny, November last year there was a party that I considered the "best day of the year." I guess November is a lucky month for me!
7 years, 3 months ago
While I haven't been gassed per se, I've been smacked down with an injected anesthetic. I just laid back, closed my eyes and... I don't remember anything beyond that. That's the bitchy part about the first stages of sleep, huh? You can never truly remember when they started.

All I know is I actually dreamt during the experience. The whole "fuck, that wasn't real?" feeling you get when you wake from a dream was very much present.

... And yes, I'll take it easy on you until that tooth gets better. Pain relating to the teeth (and gums) is not to be taken lightly. >_> It's one of those "I wouldn't wish this on anyone" things, the things you only do to someone if you intend to cross a line. Right up there with genital (and urinary tract) damage, eye damage, kidney stones and headaches.
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