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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Etiquette

For starters happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Hopefully everyone had a nice day one way or another.  ^^  I mostly just had a quick early dinner with my family and then went back to cleaning my room up a bit. ^^;  So mine was more or less uneventful as usual.

Now for the black friday thing.  One thing that shouldn't be happening is how the stores keep opening up sooner and sooner.  Because soon enough all stores will be open on Thursday, but I digress.  But there are several things you have to remember, whether it be going out to shop or working that day.  

One thing is that everyone will be stressed out for one reason or another.  Either because of traffic, wanting to get one certain item or they are one of the people that have been waiting in line to get something for hours.  One thing that evident, even during the rest of the year, is that you can't please everyone.  People will be pissed off either way.  Even if you're as nice to them as you can be.  So a lot of times you have to just ignore the irritated, stupid and completely pissed off people.  Because if you try getting involved  or anything it just makes the situation worse.  That's why when I would actually go out shopping for a few things I always try to be as nice to everyone as I can.  Because you're basically walking on egg shells and you don't know what will really set someone off.  Especially if they came in for one specific thing and they didn't get it.  Because most of the time they are going to be pissed.  It kind of goes for the same if you're working, especially if you're there when the store opens.  Because most of the people that have been waiting there in line want that specific item and if they don't get it they are going to be irate.  Again you just have to more or less take things with a grain of salt.  Because if you think dealing with the idiots on a general basis is bad it's a lot worse on that day.  So if you're working just try to deal with the idiots and move on.  Because it's not worth trying to figure out some of these people and it's better to just laugh to yourself at them and move on.

Now on the other spectrum of things.  You went and decided to wait outside a store for several hours for a tv or something that's on sale that you want.  Once the store opens you rush inside with everyone else, but when you get where they are supposed to be there are out.  Don't pitch a fit, don't make a scene, don't get pissed off at the people working there.  It's not the end of the world if you didn't get a tv that was on sale, grow the fuck up.  It's just a tv, it's not the end of the world, just buy one next time it goes on sale.  Granted it may not be as cheap as on black friday, but still.  There's no need to be an ass to people just because you didn't get something that you feel inclined to get.  A lot of people for some reason don't understand that it's not the stores fault, it's not the fault of the guy working on the sales floor and helping people get the items they want and that are in stock.  Essentially it's other people, be in the people higher up in the company for not ordering more of a certain product or the people that make the actual product, like say Samsung.  They're never going to sell 500 42inch tvs for $200.  It's always going to be some tiny amount for it.  So unless you're willing to wait out there for over a day before the store opens don't bitch if you didn't get something.  You didn't get it, tough shit, move on.

That being said whether you are shopping at any point tomorrow/tonight or working at some point tonight/tomorrow, especially if you're working retail, good luck and stay safe.  I know it's a lot worse early on in the day because that's when all the really big sales are going on and people will be the most crazy.  But either way I know it'll be nuts all day.  Especially out on the streets.  So be extra aware while you are driving so as to night hit some idiot that's in a rush somewhere to hopefully get that laptop that's on sale.
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