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Secret Santa - "Macabre Masquerade"

Details will be forthcoming in the near future, but there is a big event being planned.

A Masquerade at Macabre Manor. All the most important and scandalous figures in town will be there, everyone masked, and everyone with secrets.

Here's how I'm thinking of running it this time
There would be another 'questionairre' for all the participants to fill out for their 'guest of honor'. What masquerade would be complete though without everyone being hidden? So after all the participants are done filling the questionairres out, the 'masked quests' IE only some details revealed, will be displayed and all the participants can choose which one of the guests' fates they'd like to reveal (either by art or stories). After they've all been chosen, then the full details of the character they've chosen will be revealed, and everyone can write. This will save me a lot of headstrain in trying to match up compatible people.

So, before we fill out the questionairre, we have to figure out what's on it.

There's two 'levels' to the questionairre, the Basics, and the Details. The basics will be displayed publicly, and the details would be displayed only to the person who chooses the character you make. So, what should be involved?

Obviously Age(ish), Species, Gender.

Build, Agressiveness, intelligence, Charisma


For sexual details, I was thinking that the Act could be selected (like in multiple choice), but then the reason why could also be filled in. IE You could select "Humiliation" as a Key Word, but then say, "This person likes to be stripped in public" as the form of humiliation that they like.

For now, I think a list of the various kinks that should be included should be offered below. I'll make a cluster to start and feel free to add kinks that you feel compliment or go with those kinks. This is a MACABRE Masquerade so I'm trying to keep this thing Dark and Macabre.

Humiliation, S&M, CBT, Castration / Penectomy / Nullification, Anal Oral
Domination, Watersports, Cannibalism, Magick, hypnotism.

Add more below. If you think any of these don't work or fit or you have questions, ask them. This is gonna be good.
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
Sign me up.. i'm very, very interested..
8 years, 2 months ago
You are signed up :) I +watched you on FA too
8 years, 2 months ago
I noticed hehe... thankies lol!
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