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I'm still alive!

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here - OK, I won't go there.

Yeah, couldn't get online properly for a little while there. Already got a lot to catch up on - I think I've got several thousand submissions to get through on FA, but that can wait until I give a shit. For now, I think I'll watch Blood Diamond again, because I can't find anything else good.

Now, don't be mad, but I've been playing a lot of ArmA2 lately instead of writing. Finally managed to get some basic scripting to work in the editor, and the game's playtime has shot right up. Downloaded a whole bunch of crap for it too.

You know, I actually had planned to do a review/comparison of several tactical FPS games, and I think I will. If nothing else, it's good journal fodder. Speaking of that, though, I have quite a few pre-written journals/rants I was going to post online, but... I've been fairly unmotivated of late. I actually strongly suspect the fact I barely got paid anything in the last week; I have no reason or desire to go out, and my creative drive has mostly been going towards trying to learn how to make missions/scripts in ArmA2.

Which is, obviously, bad. I could be writing or learning how to script something actually useful.

And isn't this a great country? Went to the local cafe the other day, got myself a coffee. On the way back, got called over to a bench by these two guys, early-mid thirties, and they just gave me a bottle of Wild Turkey and cola pre-mix. We talked for a bit, and one of the guys was clearly off his face on speed (the drug, that is) before I had to leave.
Funny thing is, I barely touched the booze and in fact poured it out when I got home - not that I was ungrateful or anything, but I've seriously cut back on the alcohol and didn't anticipate being called over by a high demolitions workman to share in a carton of warm bourbon and cola. Tried to save it for when I was in the mood, but the mood never came.

Mind you, this happens a surprising amount for me. I don't even consider myself that sociable a person, but almost all the time I go to a pub or whatnot by myself, especially at university, I get called over by some random folk. Keeps things interesting, I guess, but a bit of a pain when I just want to sit on my arse for some quiet time - despite this, I found the university bar (oh yes, we have those here) was very conducive to study during the day. But, again, I haven't been going anywhere of late, definitely not to drink.

Don't worry though, I haven't gone insane. Next pay day, I think I'll stock up on some Guinness or local microbrews. Or maybe Hoegaarden. I dunno, something tasty!

Got a few things to do, including update a few things on SoFurry and IB, but that presupposes I don't get distracted by movies.
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
Good thing you're keeping down on the alcohol. I've been trying to cut down on mine as well, along with smoking. Still, beggars abound, especially concerning smokers at school asking you to lend them a smoke you'll never see again, one you can't refuse without the risk of getting roughed up after classes... :x
7 years, 2 months ago
If that's a problem at your school, you should talk to the teachers about it. Or the police, if the teachers are that effing useless. Jesus. :S
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