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Major Update!

Day got off to a rough start. Never went to bed, kickstart the day at 5 am, doin' my usual routine. Why so early? This mornin', went to the food bank at Elm St. Park in Arroyo Grande which goes from 7 am - 8 am every Wednesday mornin', so they claim, more on that later. Arrived there at 6 but didn't know exactly where at in the park the food bank was being held at. Found a rec. building and a janitor in it who had no idea what English is and he had me assumin' I was in the right place. Played hackey sack to kill time for half an hour until a maintenance man showed up. Had a gut feeling I needed to ask him the same question and thankfully, he's knows English, told me I was in the wrong place and that it was being held out by the ball park there. Bear with me, I've only been here a week. So I made down there, but instead of being first in line, I was behind 23 others, which dwindled to 21, since the trucks were runnin' an hour late and a couple of guys in front of me had to be in court by 8. I talked to them before all that. Pretty cool guys living in a sober living home in Oceano as they were recovering drug addicts like me. ;) We talked about where we came from, drugs, overcoming drug addictions and they even invited me to the NA meetings there, which was cool of them. After they left, I talked to some chica about me being new here and how the food bank here works, she gave suggestions on where to look for work like K-Mart, Wal-Mart for seasonal work (whoopee), and even being a caretaker for the elderly. OH HELL NO!!! She said it was easy work. For her, maybe. Me, HELL NO!!!! Then I talked to this elderly lady behind me, Katherine, from there on. Really sweet lady, in her mid - late 80s. We talked about where we came from, how she met her husband, our families, our work histories, etc. She gave me the basic lowdown on how the food bank here works and she told me where other food banks were and their schedules, but Steve later told me they're not as good as this one, but still very nice of her. And I found out the trucks are normally late. <.< The old man ahead of me told me that I can do this every week as oppose to the one in Taft I use to go to where you can only go twice a month, 3 if you're really needin' groceries, but they still frown on that. It's set up to where you take a shopping cart, they load it up with groceries, you take the cart to your car, and pass the cart to the next person. You don't get bags of groceries. This was a problem since I don't have a car and I gotta walk back with groceries. I got one of the people there get me a box to carry all this in. Katherine looked worried, but I assured her I could carry it back, I'm healthy. I even offered to help load Katherine's car up with her groceries for her. The strangest item among the groceries is you can get a bouquet of flowers too. I grabbed a bouquet, figuring I could give 'em to some cute chick on the way back. I had a box full of 45 lbs. of groceries to carry all the way home. That was a serious work-out!! That was tougher than anything I did in the oilfields! I had to carry 45 lbs. of groceries in a box from Elm St. Park in Arroyo Grande tback to the apartment here in Grover Beach, which is roughly a mile and a half distance! I had to make several stops to get feeling back in my arms but I did it! And our apartment is upstairs! My arms are still sore as I'm typing this! If I bend my arms, my hands start shaking! And I get to do this again! Steve was still sleeping off last night's partyin'. Never had a chance to give away the flowers, so I took 'em with me while job huntin', figuring I'd give 'em away then. No such luck, and when I got to Vons, I lost my patience and tossed 'em in with their bouquets of flowers.

Now I know why Steve told me not to go lookin' for work in the morning: nobody's open in the morning. Found absolutely nothin' in Grover Beach or on Pismo Beach's main street. What really pisses me off is that idiot foreigners, who don't even know what the English language is, have jobs here! WTF, AMERICA?! That really pisses me to no end!

But it gets better. Most of the high class hotels I applied at in Pismo and Shell Beach are still hopefuls. And best of all, I got an interview at Sea Venture Resort, Tuesday at 10 am! ^_^

So yeah, been out & about from 5 am - 4 pm today, busy busy busy! Start rough but has a happy ending (hopefully) ^_^
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