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Hi im Fang

Ok first off i just want to get this out there and say... I AM ALEXREYNARDS NUMBER 1 FAN. *cough* ok now that thats out there *cough again* hi im Fang and im new to inkbunny *AA meeting pops out of nowhere* "hi Fang." um right ok *looks toward spot were the AA meeting was with eyebrow raised*. now your probabling wondering why my profile says my name is Summintkid well its a long story *old style sixtys wave into flashback* you see in middle school (high school senior now btw)we needed to create an email account. Now i for one back then didnt have a clue what that was let olone what this bulky box thing was. Heh just kidding i knew it was a computer just didnt know what an email was so with a little help from a fellow student i got onto yahoo and tryed to creat an account. Now i love wolves so obviously i tryed all sorts of names but non of them worked then i thought of a name that noone else could ever think of. That was Summintkid you see i was in how do you say it... oh yeah i was obsessing with mints so... well put two and two together could ya. Anyway enough with the rambaling so like i said im new here and usually i only used this site to read all of the great writing on here but my writitng instincse called to me and well now im gonna write. First for those who have actually made it through my ramballings i have to say congradulations. Now i have to say that im not really good when it comes to romance (kinda hard when you havent had any really) and well... sex and such but ill try. The next thing is that i can promiss you that anything you read thats from me will be deep when it comes to charaters and knowing them and it will be super discriptive. Well really it is all your choice to choose wether or not its good at all but still. Anyway overall im glad to be here. Also since i did say i was Alexreynards number one fan i have to say read his stuff you wont be dissapointed... oh and also ALEXREYNARD RULES. *coughs one more time* well anyway im Fang an... *AA meeting shows up again* "Hello fang." yeah, well see ya
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
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