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Gallery and Scraps usage - what should I do?

Yep, I'm contemplating how to handle those.

My usage over the last years was like this:

- Stuff that was actually done BY me, so, my colouration tries go into the main gallery.
- Stuff that was done FOR me (along with colouration WIPs) goes into Scraps

This was done so that "my gallery" would really show MY works.

Now the thing is, I've got less than 20 pieces in my gallery, and I've given up/stopped colouring by now. Well, maybe I'll do a little icon or something once in a while, but officially I don't bother with it anymore.

This means:
- My gallery and thus profile front will always looks the same for quite a long time (except one day after uploading a new commission, the time I keep them in my main gallery to be seen)
- All the much greater pics, commissions, will not be seen.

So, right now I guess I'll change it like this:
- The colourations stay in main, in addition all "big" commissions/gifts/whatever get in there as well.
- Scraps will be used for commissions/gifts that are quick sketches, not full-colour stuff and maybe old, not so accurate-anymore pics.

I'm not entirely sure, but that's the plan for now.

Any thoughts?
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
lol, nobody reads journals, huh? x3

I suppose you should do what you feel is right, or whatever floats your boat xD I never really understood the 'scraps' thing either here or on FA. So many good things go to scraps in users' accounts. There shouldn't be a difference, unless it was an /official/ one (like, by site's rule you couldn't post a sketch to your main gallery and things like that).

In my opinion, putting the stuff done for me in scraps is not even an option, since I don't do any work on them myself, and if I was an artist, no matter if good or bad, I'd feel pretty sad to see a drawing I made for someone goes to their scraps gallery.

In any case, Inkbunny got the pools, which is an awesome and no discriminatory way to organize the drawings, even better than folders would, since you can assign a post to multiple pools if they share a same theme (cubs, art done for me, art done by me, 2011, clean, yiff, etc).

But in the end, what I said before.. it's a free site, so.. whatever you want to do! xD
7 years, 4 months ago
Well, I personally would like to have both, "pools" and strict groups, or, in the best case, several "tabs" in the gallery that yould quickly be accessed and would also be shown directly on the front page, and not only after clicking one of the categories.
But yeah, the "pools" are at least one nice way to sort it, nya.

And yeah, I already changed my usage, as I said, having given up on colouring, it's just nicer to look at this way I think.

And yeah, I'm used to the "journals not read" thing, I'm just another "fan" in my fandoms, no one important with influence or such, so, yeah, I don't really expect to get attention..like...I was giving away free art done by an artist basically, and how many people answered? Two? Well, as I said, I'm just a fan, I'll survive. :D

Thanks for your attention.
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