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What have I done to to myself...

Okay... It was started when I watched one of South Park episodes called "Cartman Sucks" and there's one of those parts of this episodes of Cartman used his fake crying in order to tell his mother the turth about he's becoming gay because of the photo he took before.

Then... I was just trying to imatate this on a RP as a fictional and fake story. I tried it out on one of my good friends without telling him it's just fake and it's a RP (I actualy did a RP) using my characters (my fursona, one of my bears, Batter, and one of my wolves, Sidney), and it's from the sence on one of South Park episodes, and it's left unfinished when he logged off and I was trying to warn him it was actually fictional in RP, and later he got on, I was telling the turth about what happen and told him that he was "punk'd" (means you're being tricked/pranked for those who don't know what that is) in a role-play and I was imating one of South Park episodes. And got suprised and told me it was not cool...
And later on, I was just coming by on IM to talk with him and he was still pissed off of me about last time, but I tried my best of apogizing to him, and texplained about my own problems and it was just a accident/indent for myself. He won't forgive me for my accident/incident I done for myself, won't be one of my friends again, and also won't RP with me at all.

But this week, he unwatched me and I might get blocked soon... Guess I'll unwatch him too. Man... We were friends sometimes a year ago...

I love South Park, don't get me wrong. But I just had a little of autism and incidents I made on him. I'm not gonna tell you who I did on. I shouldn't done this crap...:-(

End of journal.
Thank you and good luck.
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
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