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X-box Surprise

I'm back at Professor Awesome's house again.

So I did my American duty and went down and voted last Tuesday. A good amount of people showed up but only about half of the county who could vote actually did. My brothers didn't bother voting which kinda irks me a little.

One of the cats that frequent my house, a cute and talkative one we call Icarus, got killed. He was claimed by the road, much like just about every other animal (besides chickens) out here. I'm really going to miss him. It already sucked back a few months ago when my cat Toki got killed on the road. Now it's just Zuko left. I also found another decapitated chicken killed by what was probably an owl.

I may have found somewhat of a job but it was mainly a flop. I know a guy (he's the dad of one of my brother's friends) who runs a small business taking in scrap aluminum, melting it into ingots, and then selling it to companies who was in need of some more help. I talked to him about working for him but with aluminum prices in the toilet and food prices going up right now he couldn't really hire me even though he could use an extra hand every once in a while. He didn't exactly say no but said he would have a lot of difficulty trying to afford to actually hire me for a significant amount of time, even part-time every other day was simply too much for him to afford. It was a good lead at least but I'm back to the employment drawing board again.

I'm really tired right now, I got talked into playing Magic: The Gathering with my brother and some friends for pretty much all night yesterday and I've had barely any sleep since (they are a little too into it). I'm trying to hold out several more hours longer without sleep, otherwise my sleep track is going to get seriously messed up.

I don't play Magic: The Gathering anywhere near as much as I used to like back when I was in high school, especially when the story behind the sets starting getting retarded and losing a lot of it's flavor, but after playing so long last night and seeing how much my brother and his friends are into it, it's kinda inspired me a little to get back into it...but not with the new stuff. I'm going to make an attempt to collect all the old Odyssey set cards from about 10 years ago. They're all into all the new stuff really bad and it leaves them completely flummoxed and pissed when they lose against my old cards. I don't know if I'll ever actually succeed in my little goal but it's good for at least some motivation.

When I was at my house, I brought my X-box home. I've been stashing all my stuff at Professor Awesome's house since everyone has a bad tendency of running off with my property. In the past, I've had my things stolen and then pawned off but yet I still get hounded on why I'm being so stingy with MY stuff. I was really worried the past few days when I noticed that some of my favorite games were missing and that I forgot to bring them to Professor Awesome's house. I scoured the house and started to fear that they got taken much like some of my older games but the just yesterday I managed to find them strangely hidden in a closet under loads of crap. That was the good surprise.

Then there was the x-box surprise. I turned my x-box on in hopes of playing it. No, I didn't get a red ring of death, it played. It definitely played alright. It went and auto-played what was in the disc drive which wasn't a game like I thought was going to be in it like usual. Instead, I got HARDCORE PORN. No warning, no foreplay build up, no cheesy dialogue. As soon as it started, I'm seeing a middle-aged woman, a younger girl, and some guy who seemed more like the lackey friend of they younger girl just going at it like tomorrow is the end of the world. Just so happens that the TV's volume was set very loud too.

So I got the crap startled out of me and knowing that there are other folks in the house, I quickly try to turn it off. Too bad for me that the TV at my house is broke and wonky and instead of turning the volume down (I panicked and didn't think of the power button yet) it turned it up to EAR RAPE VOLUME. At this point, I'm freaking out trying to shut the blaring TV off and I eventually manage to turn it off by just pulling the electric cord out of the socket. After regaining my composure, I head on down stairs to find out who left a porn DVD in my x-box but on my way down the stairs, I decide maybe I shouldn't make a big deal out of it and just let a certain someone of my family keep their little secret...sorta. I understand now why I'm always being heckled over not bringing my x-box home. They don't want to play games, they want to watch porn. I'm still laughing about this but I'm bringing the x-box back with me to Professor Awesome's house.
I'm glad I was able to get the commissioned I owed done before I went home and went voting. I was hoping to get DD57 done before I went home but I over estimated myself and I didn't get around to even starting it. I'm going to be working on it sometime this week, I may do one or two more drawings to warm up a little before going into DD57. I seriously doubt that I'll be able to finish Chapter 2 before the end of the year like I was hoping unless I become a living avatar of coffee. It's just so time consuming and draining doing a page, it takes everything I got to complete one but it's a great feeling of accomplishment to finish a new page and add it with the rest knowing that I'm one page closer to finishing the chapter.

Me and Professor Awesome have made some good advances recently with FINALLY coming up with some official names for certain important places in the world of Demordicai Diamonds that we've been needing for a long time now. We both aren't very good at naming things so it's a big deal for us to finally give a few places a good name rather than their working titles. It's amazing how much easier it is to develop something once it has a real name. Like the some old sayings go: once you know the name of something, you have power over it. Of course our to-do list for coming up with final names for things is still long but most of the stuff that needs a good name doesn't come up in the comic until much, much later.

Unless some more stuff goes on back at my house and I get called back for whatever reason, expect some more art from me in the near future.
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