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Rose in the devil's garden

Walking along a cobblestone garden I see a arch with ivy grown all around, such elegance and percition... I looked around to find a lady crying on a stone bench.. she was wearing a white lace dress and a veil over her head... I tryed to comfort her.. she looked up but I couldnt see her face cause of the veil she said nothing just stood up and walked to the edge of the garden and placed a hand upon a stone mural and it opened and she walked inside... She said nothing .. I walked back to where she was the bench was made of black marble it gleamed and shined beautifully... On the top was a metal plate "in remembence of" the name was scratched but the date was still there 1885 -1886 ... She was a sick rose that still shone beautifully.. I placed a hand on the top and felt something wet on my hand I took it off to take a look... Blood, red... Thick, and hot I looked again at the stone seat again the lady in white had her back to me I looked at her again she held something in her hand.. a hatchet.. a bloody hatchet my heart was pounding as I heard every drip I turned to the seat I saw the body of a baby but the head wasn't there anymore it was gone.. I stepped back and she turned to me lifted the veil and it was the babys head she let out a grusome and disturbing cry... Soon she was throwing up black blood out of her mouth and her eyes she smiled with these jagged razor shark teeth.. I started to run away from her as she screamed again the beautiful lavished garden turned into a black dead garden of all kinds of questionable and grusome plants..  am I in the devils garden... Soon I heard something behind me but nothing was there or was there soon the roots had I tryed to fight but they produced some kind of parylzing toxin.. It held me as she walked up hatchet in hand "welcome to my garden" she said... If u hadn't found out ur in hells very own garden and I'm the rose.. she raised her hatchet and hacket and sliced me ... Sleep well she said as she stabbed a black rose into my forehead and left me for dead...
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
really dark i like it a lot, and well creepy. it sounds like it would be one hell of a nightmare.
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