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I do subject your artwork to horror

Was going to link to FA but since it is down right now, I'll just post it here. The closing of accounts is about clearing my Falderal account on FA:

Even though I close this here and now, I'd rather use them to watch and spy on others and to use them to satiate my lust but no. Those who are in my lives and there are those like on Furaffinity whom I live in fantasy with every second. I don't talk to any one of them face to face.

I get to thinking and fantasizing to the point of oh would they scream if they would see "what horrors I subject your character to".

The horrors I subject your characters to when I go across the drawings and painting I see on Furaffinity. The horrors you would scream at as I take into my mind these furry pictures and have my way with them.

I barely touch others when the screen beg to be touched.

Who would like to touch my writing? Would I scream if someone took my journal and livestreamed them, reading it all over the internet? Probably not. But what about a family reunion?

I do subject your artwork to horror and the stories as much as your subjecting your ram chips to temporarily hold the scene where the donkey has his dick in the otter and juices and come are dripping allover.

Some on Furaffinity don't care if I would actually come all over when fapping to the images on there. They put them there knowing fully well what I would possibly do with them.

I do subject your artwork to horror in my mind sometimes but well I do at times and other times I touch, I look, I look quickly and.... there's a big  belly and there's some bulges and vore. Sometimes something catches my eye on my top fav artists.

But I don't subject your art to horrors that I can remember.

I do subject the FA furs to horrors. I don't think I do.

I mean, they are there and I do imagine running my hands over them in my mind. I don't, I just take them. My mind stays here and I don't leap out unless I want to or am asked to like Charem's piece.

There's only so many times I wrote without permission about characters on FA and online and Pokemon and other copyrighted material. I see that we can not do our work, real writing, real drawing, without the characters and relationships, with our fans and friends, those we know on furaffinity.

That is a reason to close my accounts down, out of respect for the horrors I do to other characters on FA of the artists who created them.

I daresay this idea is hardly more explored than it needs to be and I am holding back my floodgates, damaging myself, and I will say,

You expose yourself and you must like it, but I wonder, do you expose yourself online but would never dare offline, and why and this is why I am torn and moody because friends offline and have known for times since high school don't go for furry dom like I do. Although, I haven't asked them those kind of deep intimate questions.

The idea of comitting horrors to your characters, I really point out how deep and intimate would you share them with a stranger, and how deep and intimate then would you talk to friends yeh know for a time about deep intimate things to see how they they really feel about the furry fandom?

So yes, I am closing accounts for however much FA will let me close them. Have fun...
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
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