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What do you want next?

Hello every and welcome to my first journal post. I dont wish to bore any one so ill get straight to the point what kind of storys would you guys and gals and everything here there or everywhere like to read about next? Personaly im a big sucker for sonic related pairings and i love writeing erotica but im perfectly fine with writeing epic action/fantasy storys or romace but after all its down to what you guys want to read so leave your surrgestions in the thing im told is a comment box below.

A quick note on what i sadly wont write about:
-I wont write Male on Male storys and iv got two reasons A) There are plenty of Male on Male storys out there any way B) Im not gay so i wouldent have the slightest clue what the literal the "ins and outs" of it all are. So i probbly wouldent do a very good job however im cool with at a push writeing the odd Bi scene.
-Also stuff like scat,water sports and gore in a sexual sense are a no no.
-Other than that im open to alot of fetish stuff so knock your self out on a surrgestion.

Thanks for reading everyone and have an awesome day who ever you are and what ever you do.  
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
ikay i knwo this is genral but as olong as it hot im good ;D!!
7 years, 3 months ago
You can never really go wrong with Sonic stuff, or any other well-known series.

I'm always a fan of seeing the girls go after Tails.
It's also amusing to imagine Cream being a mischievous character who only acts polite to make people let their guard down.

My own bias is preferring Lesbians, or "Straight Shota" (older female with a younger guy)
7 years, 3 months ago
Thanks for the replys everyone iv taken both your comments into consideration and iv started writeing a side story based tails and creams first time (iv decided to make the pace slower than new data with a heavyer emphasis on story but still with plenty of sex scenes) setting cream as the innocent girl next door whos really a sexual deviant whos been tutored by amy and to cover your request wolfboy i can assure you it will be hot XD

Also New Data chapter 2's done now :)  
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