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Lengthy Update

Prepare you attention spans, people! It's been a while since I posted a longer journal, so a number of categories are comin' up! XD

1) I'm sure it hasn't been noticed too much, but yes I've become quite a bit less active lately. Work has been hectic like nothing else the past few weeks. Every first of the month is pretty crazy, but this was above and beyond. Also, it appears that my original contract with them (which was to end on the 15th) has been extended for until the end of the year..... The pay will be the ONLY thing to enjoy from it. Now I'll continue to stare at my computer screen all day long, typing away at people's accounts, it's so boring I can hardly stand it -_- But I digress. It'll be worth the extra money..........But I WON'T like it ^^; And I stare at my laptop screen at home enough. I'm REALLY gonna try to get out more. My sanity and health will thank me.

2) My current pic to-do list is finally almost done with: just gotta finish an art trade and collab. I've got maybe one or two ideas for the holiday season, but I'm not sure yet. In any case, I'm still good with my one from last year XD But as for my future arts in general, with things getting busy and my schedule getting more cluttered these days, I could use some ideas along the way. So here's your chance to give me a clue as to where to go. What would you people like to see from me?

-More Official characters? DON'T say who; I will decide for myself.

-More of my Original characters? Either in random situations OR more on their back story and about where they take part in the Sonic Universe?

-More Action? Comedy? Drama? Mystery?

3) Sonic Generations: Awesome, love it! :D But hey, did you expect any less from me? XD Personally I do have a couple criticisms about it, but overall is great! And it looks like Eggman has yet another new catchphrase the internet world will rub into the ground at some point..... XDDD I'll stop right there, so to not spoil it to those out there who've yet to play...... Have fun!

4) Weather has FINALLY changed in central California! Or the 'San Francisco Bay Area', which is what it really is. Finally some cooler temperatures and cloudy skies! I was personally getting tired of the sun day after day after day. This weather now makes me excited for Winter's inevitable arrival ^_^ I really hope I can plan in a ski weekend or something. It's been a while since I had a good longer time in the snow and mountains. If anything, my extended stay at the office will help pay for it should I get to go ^^;

I think that'll do for now as to how life's goin' for me. Take care, people!
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