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Pokémon meme!

Use this pokémon generator and get these fun answers, ahaha - http://wyncorporation.com/pokemon/index.php

1. This Pokémon is your best friend.

Pansear (Awww~ He's cute isn't he?)

2. This Pokémon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion.

Lanturn (Welp... My boss is an abysmal fish ._.)

3. This Pokémon is your partner for your science project.

Vanillish (Apparently we are researching ice cream o3o)

4. This Pokémon is looking for every way possible to murder you.

Pidgeot (Death from above! FUN.)

5. This Pokémon is your mother-in-law.

Feraligatr (God almighty, HELP!)

6. This Pokémon is your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Primeape (Proof that I don't care too much for appearances. It was nice at the beginning, but another jab in the arm and I'm dumping her ¬¬)

7. This Pokémon is your ex.

Whirlipede (Weirdest sex ever...)

8. This Pokémon stalks you every waking moment.

Tropius (He has his cute moments... overshadowed by the creepy comments that follow...)

9. This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you.

Buizel (And he's so soft, and gay~ I LOVE IT!)

10. This Pokémon emptied your fridge.

Beautifly (HOW COULD U!?)

11. This Pokémon is what you felt in your bed last night.

Bisharp (This explains the scratches and cuts in my back... and bed... >_>)

12. This Pokémon banged your mom.

Cobalion (...)

13. This Pokémon will do anything to try and get in your pants.

Trubbish (Ew...)

14. This Pokémon died by your own hands.

Klinklang (Not too hard actually. Super effective Fire Blast in the sunshine with Nasty Plot at max tends to kill many steel dudes several times before they reach the floor ^_^)

15. This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life.


16. This Pokémon reads you bed time stories.

Silcoon (The creepy horror bed time stories. THANKS! I didn't want to sleep tonight.)

17. This Pokémon is your loving pet.

Mawile (She bites a lot... She doesn't like me to collar her up <_<)

18. This Pokémon is your creepy dentist.

Excadrill (HOW FITTING, RNG GODS! Thanks for the big drills...)

19. This Pokémon is what you dream about every day.

Exeggutor (I dream of psychic palm trees with face eggs :V)

20. This Pokémon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house.

Cascoon (Stuff is harder to remove than spider webs! YUCK!)

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