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I love my retard moments

So today I had thought I had off work.  I looked at my schedule a while ago and got it into my head that this was my first day off this week.  Well it wasn't. ^^;  I never got a call or anything so I didn't think differently either.  So I went about today cleaning things and running my errands like I had planned.  A little after 4pm I went over to clean off some of the papers from my computer desk and was looking at my shift papers to see which were the old ones so I could throw them out.  When I got to this weeks I had to look from it and to the calendar about five or so times until it clicked in my head....yeah I didn't have off today. ^^;

Well again they didn't call me so I figured I could still be wrong.  So I didn't panic or anything and called up work to talk to one of the managers to ask.  I asked and yeah I had to come in and apparently their systems are down so they couldn't call me to come yeah.  Again why you shouldn't completely rely on technology.  So I had asked if they somehow got someone else to come in or something and they didn't and two cashiers called off.  So I told him give me about 20 or so minutes and I'd change and make my way in.  I was supposed to work noon-8:30pm, but luckily I only live about two and a half miles from the store.  So it wouldn't have taken long to get there anyways.  Plus this is the first time this has ever happened here so I won't get in trouble for it at all.

Though after that I was basically out of it for most of the rest of the night.  That and because of the calls offs and such they had asked if I could stay till 10pm possibly when the store closed.  I told them I can play it by ear and if there's that much to do then I can.  I actually ended up blowing through a good bit of the store and finished most of it by about 9:50.  So I had asked if I could just leave then and that was fine with them.  Plus it worked out because they gave us free drinks and candy before we left.  Along with I actually have off tomorrow and Wednesday.  So at least things ended up working out in the end. ^^;
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