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Tagging FAQ

It has come to my attention that a lot of people find the current tagging system vague and confusing. To do what I can to remedy this I am establishing a common, public FAQ of common tagging terms and their uses.  By doing this, I hope to amend some of the confusion and redundancy inherent in this system.

I will first list common orientation, taste, and content tags, set up tentative definitions which I believe make sense, and then go from there based on suggestions and amendments.  If at any point the admins or moderators decide this is inappropriate, or would like to take over, I'll be glad to step aside.

These definitions are not mutually exclusive, and if more than one is being used in the same submission, list every one that applies. The definitions are generally assuming there is a mature or adult rating to the image.

**Sexes and Orientations**

Heterosexual - male on female sexual act

Gay - male on male sexual act

Lesbian - female on female sexual act

Bisexual - subject of one sex is participating in a sexual act with both the same sex and opposite sex in the same submission

Hermaphrodite -  Applies to true hermaphroditism, where a vagina, penis, and testicles are all present on the same subject.  Subject may appear female or male otherwise.
Sub-definition: to be used in place of the first where applicable
1. Shemale - male sexual organs on an otherwise female body, no vagina
2. Dickgirl- penis on an otherwise female body, penis and vagina, no testicles
3. Cuntboy -  male body type with a vagina, no penis or testicles

Aesthetic builds and body types

Hyper - highly exaggerated anatomical features: penis, muscles, breasts, etc

Macro - subject's entire body is significantly larger than normal, without emphasis on a particular feature or attribute

Micro- subject's entire body is significantly smaller than normal, without emphasis on a particular feature or attribute

Fat - the obesity of the subject is a primary focus of the submission

Inflation - subject is being inflated by air, water, or some other substance, to a degree beyond realistic physical constraints

Mature - subject appears middle aged or older

Cub - subject is underage, or would be considered so by human standards (Kit Cloud Kicker from Tail Spin would be tagged Cub)

Neoteny - subject appears underage, but is not explicitly underage (Conker from Conker's Bad Fur day would be tagged Neoteny)

Specific Sexual Acts

Anal - anal penetration

Vaginal - vaginal penetration

Cunnilingus - oral stimulation of a subjects vagina

Blowjob - oral stimulation of a subjects penis

Coitus - vaginal penetration by a penis

Masturbation - manual stimulation of a subjects genitals by hand

Rape - a sexual act in which at least one participant is being forced to participate without their consent, violence might be displayed or heavily implied

Molestation - a sexual act on a subject without their consent, but in which no violence is overtly displayed or implied

Bondage - subject is being restrained by one or more devices

S&M - subject is participating in an act where they are performing either a sadistic or masochistic role

Scat - subject is either actively having a bowel movement, or the feces is displayed prominently in the submission

Watersports - subject is either actively peeing, or urine is displayed prominently in the submission

--This list is meant to be clear and effective, if you spot a clear confusion or absent tag, please comment below with suggestions on how it might be amended or updated--
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
heh, Coitus, there's a rarely used word  :)

I generally go with "straight" rather than Heterosexual
7 years, 3 months ago
Straight or Heterosexual can be interchangeable, I would probably go with whichever becomes the more popular tag for that category.  I personally suspect calling it 'straight' might lead to the implication that it's 'normal' and therefore allegations that I'm saying all other orientations are 'abnormal' which is beside the point.   I really wouldn't lend a lot of weight to it though, if people find it more practical to just say 'straight' then I'm all for it.  I just think we need to pin down a specific word for tagging to eliminate a lot of the vagueness and redundancy.
7 years, 3 months ago
Kit Cloud kicker is a cub, there were several episodes where he was shown in grade school or referencing it.
7 years, 3 months ago
That's what I said, read carefully.  lol

I'll probably edit it to make it clearer, though.
7 years, 3 months ago
This is a pretty good list.
But it occurs to me that tags can be applied in either of two ways.
1) To find stuff you want to see.
2) To avoid things you don't want to see.

Building a set of tags based on the first list could get very extensive and possibly unwieldy.
Defining tags based on the second use-case would probably lead to a shorter list, but might be difficult for an artist to label their own work based on what might be unlikable about it. Most artists are naturally biased toward liking their work, so it'd be an unnatural perspective to expect from them.
...Then again, I might just be over-thinking this.
7 years, 3 months ago
This is intended to make both things easier.

By having a single tag for a specific definition, instead of multiple tags, it makes it easier for a single blocked keyword to block more of content you wouldn't like to see, as well as providing a single search term that would (provided most people are informed) include as much applicable material as possible.  At the moment, most artists have to basically go off which tags 'feel' right.  Which means they go off however many ways there are to describe what their art includes, sometimes they don't think of a term, so they use a different one.  This creates a new pool of content, separate from other content which is otherwise exactly the same.  Anyone who wants to see ALL that content will either have to hunt through the overlapping terms within the submissions they are viewing, or guess what other names that content might go by.

By creating a common tag library, it makes it easier to both find and avoid certain types or art.  But it will still largely be based off how much effort people are willing to put into following these guidelines.  And to an extent, it's based off how comprehensive and available we can make the list.  I'm open to suggestions that might improve the clarity and practicality of it.  I'm sure there are many terms I've left out, and I'm hoping to tackle the most critical categories first.  So if there's something I clearly missed that you think should be on the list, please tell me, and give a short explanation why.

I think there needs to be open suggestion about some terms, too.  There are some tags I haven't put up not because I haven't thought of them, but because I either can't decide which word would most naturally describe it, or I can't decide where the term would strictly apply.

Some of these terms include: Uke, Crossdressing, and Girly boy

It's clear there is overlap between the first and the last, but it's hard to decide which term should apply, since they are similar enough that they might only need one, but different enough that people may eventually decide that they should be two different categories.  They might decide Girly Boy applies more to appearance while Uke is more of a personality trait.   These are the kind of things which need to be discussed for this list.
7 years, 3 months ago
The most successful tagging systems I've seen so far are sites like HentaiFoundry and Gelbooru.
On Gelbooru, a common pool of tags seems to emerge naturally because the viewers apply the tags.
Also because the search bar auto-completes tags as you type them.
7 years, 3 months ago
Some tags here are auto-completed, but it auto-completes common tags that emerge from what you're typing, not necessarily the most applicable.  As a result, it creates several categories of what is basically several names for the same thing.  Blocking male/female will not necessarily block all female/male, straight, or hetero, for instance.  And searching for oral won't automatically give you all the results for blowjob.  It is nice that the search engine suggests tags based on all the tags included in every resulting submission, but that's a lot of categories to go through.

I'm not saying the current system is broken, because it isn't.  I think most people could afford to be a little more tolerant of its shortcomings, but it works pretty well as is.  I just think a way to improve it is for people to place more consideration and clarity into which tags they use.  And clarity could be improved by making the tagging language as straightforward and accessible as possible.

There are other solutions, I know, but most of them would require a significant coding overhaul.  Like, viewer petitioned tags.  Where if someone sees a tag that is missing, they can add a petition for it to be implemented, which if it receives a certain minimum number of votes for or against, it is implemented automatically.  The same system can be used to remove a tag which people think shouldn't apply.  It would create a field of what are essentially Contested Tags, which will go one way or another based on viewer input.  

However, this might quickly lead to tag overload, where anytime someone thinks of a different word that describes the content, they'll submit it, and people will have to decide whether or not to add yet another redundant tag.  In conclusion, this system would still compel the need for a Tagging FAQ, or common library.
7 years, 3 months ago
I haven't heard neoteny so far ;3
7 years, 3 months ago
Are you glad you learned it?  X3

I don't think enough artists here use it, yet.  But hopefully the more people who know about it the more they will realize where it's appropriate to use.
7 years, 3 months ago
My characters that look young are actually young most of the time ;3
7 years, 3 months ago
It's an important tag for my characters, because I plan on telling stories that span from their childhood into adulthood, and they pretty much still look like kids even when fully grown.  I've been toying with the idea that this is caused by either mad science or some kind of sorcery, where an evil television producer wanted a cast of actors who would grow more skilled but retain their youthful appearance for a long running kid's TV show.

However, the show failed miserably and was cancelled after less than a season.  It's going to be related to the secret origins of their various personality traits.
7 years, 3 months ago
Oh I see. Well thanks for teaching me a new word :P
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