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dum diddle dum

I've been taking a break from doing art stuff this past week and mostly from people too. Needed some time to just get shit straight in my head really. Living online isn't living and expecting the same treatment from people online as in real life is probably expecting too much I guess. In some ways it's too much, in others it's not enough, you know?  Eh well, being alone for long periods of time always has a way of ungluing me emotionally, as it would anybody I suspect.

But today I finally talked to an online friend and it really brightened my day a lot. Feels nice to laugh for a change and get showered with cute cartoons. On the up side I've been programming my brainz out. Did lots of tweaking on that "Art Hawk" program for fetching galleries. As of now I got it downloading Inkbunny, Furraffinity, and Deviantart and yes it downloads all kinds of media not just pictures. The next steps are building in some timer stuff for automation and prehaps making a nice GUI if possible.  

Two other neat things I made are an app to search listivews and a task switcher. What's a listview? Just take a look at Windows Explorer, the big part that shows the files in rows and columns, that's a listview control. Another listview control is in uTorrent. I wanted something to figg'n search that mess of files, so I made something. The task switcher -I call it "Looq Flip", for the moment - is based on Logitech's Document Flip app that's built into their mouse drivers. It's a simple little window that pops up listing all your running apps and you click one to bring that app to the front - just like alt-tab does. I made mine work by just pressing one mouse button, the rolling the mouse over the window and clicking..bingo, done. It also uses the mouse wheel and up and down keys to select apps too. Been using it for a few years now...damn time flies.  I like making handy things, so there you go.

All this programming business kind of changes the way I think in a weird way. Like, I start thinking about stuff more in terms of structure and the order of things...it's rather relaxing in it's own way. Like the yang to my yin or something. I hope to apply a little of this mindset to my art as well. All this junk about left brain right brain...bah...trying to divide a person into chunks never helped making him whole again.

Another thing, I don't know if anyone else goes through this. It's like this restlessness of never being satisfied with "things".  For me, it's definately games. They drive me batshit crazy because I have a hard time sitting there enjoying it sometimes. Unless the story really hooks me, I'll get to thinking about how it could be done better, or why I can't walk into a house, why that person only has one damn line to say, why I can't push or pull that thing etc. It's like they go to all this trouble to make a "believable" 3d world only to leave it completely impoverished and dull. At that point I usually get disgusted and put my energy into something else that gives me more control...more stuff to play with.

Same thing with art. I'm probably really terrible at being a "fan" of something. Making something is where the good stuff is. I just can't completely accept or agree with the world most artists present, although I may love the style or the work put into it. That's because of course, that's not MY world ;) So it's like continuosly saying "no...this!...no...this way...no thanks..this way is better for me". And it's not about a "best" or "king of the scene". It's just creating a personal world to have fun in. To express in. That's probably why comissions yanked my chain so much that one time. Such a loss of control it felt like. But most of that was superficial in nature I think. That is, making the art itself is a sort of freedom, while the comisser will sit by and sweat bullets worrying this way and that about if when and how it'll get done. While the artist might be more concerned with the what why and how.  Pressure to produce vs idea generation...meep! Talk about gumming up the gears. As much of a dirty word as it's become, play is at the heart of the creation process.

Anywho's, derp, tis late. Must sleep. Thought dump complete. Night night all, and may your wishes come true... ^.^

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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
I had a short journey into programming and I know you need to think very twisted sometimes. But I never really got the hang of it.

Obvious und undefeatable obstacles in games (knee high fence when you can jump) irk me a lot too, but when it is not too obvious I don't have a problem. I can "switch off" my analytical part of the brain. Most of the time I can even watch a movie I have read the spoilers about and forget about it till it happens.
7 years, 2 months ago
Well it's good to hear you're alright...and good to hear that you're feeling better and staying productive :)
7 years, 2 months ago
WildHare has evolved! It has evolved into ArtHawk!

The LooqFlip sounds a bit like one feature in MacOS.

Art having to do with structure and order? Sounds like you'll be the new production designer for the third part of TRON...

The three things I never seem to "agree on" with the majority in Western culture or "accept" are the social-Darwinistic way in how Western societies and ecomonies are run, their archaic, ethnocentric attitudes towards sexuality, and how absolutely dull most films look because the directors never care about the brilliant photography of titans such as Gilliam, Kubrick, Tarkovsky, and Oliver Stone.
7 years, 2 months ago
Its good to know what you've been up to lately, Looqster -- seems like you've been involved in a lot of deep thought, which is cool. I have a roommate who would be far better off if he just sat down and thought deeply about life once in a while.

Taking a break from art, be it long or short, is something healthy that artists should do when it is called for. Right now, I'm in "art" mode, because I'm working on a huge friggin' gift for my father. It'll probably take another couple of months to finish, especially since I'm also preparing to move at the same time. I'll be happy when its done, because I really want to get back to furry art -- I have a few naughty ideas in mind, hehe.  ^.^

Anyway, best wishes to you too, bunny. And speaking of wishes, I wish I could see you again.  *hug!*
7 years, 2 months ago
good to know your feeling better, been missing you buddy. <3
7 years, 2 months ago
ahhh thats where you've been. I was looking fer yaz. Glad your ok and doing well socially.  *hugs*
7 years, 2 months ago
Being alone does suck. Have been for years. No wonder I often have conniption fits.

Although, in truth, I have truble with being around people, too >.<
7 years, 2 months ago
Good to hear that you're getting better by the day ^^ and considering your thoughts on games, I'd say you'd be a wonderful Let's Player on youtube, how's that sound? xD

But seriously speaking yes people are hard to be around @.@
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