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Yarn Tail Commission Information

So, here is how all my yarn tails shall be priced and how commissions will be done. The measurements given are the length of the yarn braid used to make your tail. Not the actual length of your finished tail. Depending on the length you want your yarn it will be at least 2-5 inches longer than the yarn braid.

Yarn Lengths:

Comes Standard Short: Yarn will be 3 inches long.
+ $5 Medium: Yarn will be 5 inches long.
+ $10 Long: Yarn will be 8 inches long.
+ $15 Extra long: Yarn will be 12 inches long.

Size / Price Chart:
Great for smaller things like rabbits, bob-tailed cats or little nub tailed creatures. Also great for children to wear around and play in.

3 inch braid
5 inch braid

Good for lynx, deer or small mammal tails. Also something for the bigger kids to wear around. These tails can also be made to curl like a husky's or a shiba inu's tail!

10 inch braid
14 inch braid
16 inch braid

Perfect for foxes, wolves and cats!

19 inch braid
24 inch braid

Fabulous for lemur tails, red pandas and anything with a big long tail!

30 inch braid

Equine Tails

18 inches

30 inches

Color and Patterns

First color - $0 (included in tail purchase)
Additional colors after first - $5 per color

An up charge of $10 - 25 will be determined for complex patterning. (Meaning abnormal shapes (stars, triangles, squares, ect.), designs (zig zags, spirals, hourglass shapes, ect.) and color usage (checkerboard patterning, color blending, ect) . Simple striped tails and alternately colored tips will not mean an up charge.

Finishing Options
Standard with canid/feline like tails. Not available with equine tails.
Brushed - brushed out to give the fluffy texture of fur.
Standard with equine tails. $10-30 upcharge for canid/feline tails.
Pulled - the yarn is pulled so that each strand is made into a long thin "hair".

All tails are custom made to your specifications. All species welcome. Even equine. I would love to make a tail for you today.

To commission one or to keep updated on all things happening at FoxFeather Studio make sure to go to our facebook,https://www.facebook.com/FoxFeatherStudio , or email us at foxfeatherstudio@gmail.com
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