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Commission Info

If you are interested in commissioning me, I request that you please read this journal. If you have ANY questions, PLEASE ask! But of course, only after you've read this journal, as the answer to your question may already be answered within its contents~ =]

Basic (messy/chicken scratchy/pin-up style with no background) sketch - $6-8
Cleaner Sketch (I try to make it look pretty, and can include a background) - $10-12
Lines (inked) with no background - $12-15
Lines with background - $14-16
Flat colors with no background (I ink the image and give it flat colors) - $18-20
Flat colors with background - $22-24
Full color with no background - $25-26
Full color with background (I call this the "whole shabang") - $32-36
For more than 1 character, it will be an extra $6 added to the price per character~
Prices for regular commissions may vary depending on complication of the request. Sorry, but some things I just don't usually like to draw, or my hand hates it and refuses to draw it how I want it. D;

I am also open for icon commissions - $12
These are your usual 100x100 icons for FA use. You will get the 100x100 as well as the full sized image. I'll send you some other sizes so you may use the icon elsewhere other than FA - just let me know what those dimensions would be.

Flat Color Single Character Badges - $16
Full Color Single Character Badges - $20
Flat Color Couples Badges - $22
Full Color Couples Badges - $26

Ref sheets - $100-160
Prices on these vary depending on the complication and the amount of images involved. The simplest (cheapest) would be 1 front, 1 back, 1 side and 1 close-up image. Complication has to do with the difficulty I believe I will have in drawing your character. Anything that adds to the effort adds to the price. (naturally)

Sketch Comics (Will be clean sketched panels) - $12-20 per page $0.20-.40 per panel
Inked Comics - $16-24 per page $0.20-.40 per panel
Flat Color Comics - $20-28 per page $0.20-.40 per panel
Full Color Comics - $30-40 per page $.20-.40 per panel
There will be a maximum of 8 full sized panels per page. Small-sized close-up panels will be free of charge. Dimensions of what a full sized page would look like have yet to be determined. First person to commission a comic page will help me to determine what these dimensions will be, unless I make my own comic page before then. There is a max limit of 10 pages. All comics can include backgrounds at no extra charge.

I have 2 ways to do full colors, and prices vary by which way you want me to color your commission This applies to all orders:
Cell shade style - No additional charge
"Smooth" style - An extra $5-15 depending on the type of order. (Will be discussed in private with the client.)
If you would like to commission me, send me either a note or an email (I prefer notes.) with a pitch (idea) of what you would like. If I accept, I will let you know. At that point you will need to send me the things I need in order to complete your order - which are listed blow. After reviewing the details, you will then receive a second response from me on whether or not I accept. If I do not accept right away, then we will likely discuss the details until we come to an come to an agreement, at which point you will then be for your paypal, then sent an invoice from me, and be put on the list.

Things you will need to provide me with, no matter what your order is:
A ref
Which order you would like
Details on the content of your order
The sort of style you would like it in (if you look at my gallery, you will see that I have an anime-esque style, as well as a chibi style.)
The best/fastest way to contact you
And an email or somewhere for me to send you your full sized image(s)

I have a "pay half now, pay half later" policy. This means that upon the final acceptance of your order, you are expected to send me half of what the commission costs. Once I have completed your order, I will send you the RESIZED image. After you've been sent the resized image, I will wait for the second half of your payment to be paid. Upon being paid the second half, you will then receive your full sized order as well as any additional images you are owed.
Any details/prices listed are subject to change. If you have already paid me ANY amount, your price will not change, even if it changes in this journal. If you are on the list but have not paid me, I will contact you about the changes so that we may negotiate the details further to your liking.

I reserve the right to refuse any orders for any given reason. If I refuse an order, please do not argue with me about it or try to convince me to do it anyways - that will only piss me off and most likely result in a poorly done commission, seeing as how I didn't want to do it in the first place. (THAT MEANS YOU, NURA DOOD. >=C) ((You know who you are. xD))

I am doing these on my time. While commissioners DO hold obligation to what I put my time into - please understand that I AM a FULL TIME COLLEGE STUDENT. This means you may have to wait a while before your order is completed. Orders will be done in no particular order. I work on what I can, when I can. Sometimes I can work well on one thing and not another. I will not FORCE myself to work on these, because then they will not come out as the best I could have done. (basically if I force myself to work on something when I really don't feel like it or am not into it, it will come out half-assed. I'm not gonna do that to you.) If it takes a long time, it means I'm doing my best to provide you with the best quality work I can do. C=
Oh, and remember - the more complicated the order, the more time it will take to complete as well.

Uhhh I can't think of any other kinds of commissions I could be open for. . . I'm up for suggestions though!

Regular commissions:
1. Inking complete, flat coloring in progress - suiginryuu on dA
2. Complete. - sjviper on FA
3. Messy Sketch in progress - sjviper on FA

Icon commissions:

Ref Sheet commissions:

Comic Commissions
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