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Random thoughts and questions

So...  Sitting here Listening to some music, writing a bit more. i had a few thoughts that happened to hit me...  

Why do i enjoy doing this so much?  In school i could never stand writing reports and short stories for English class...  I absolutely despised it actually...  I think I may have done maybe one assignment in that class before i decided to just skip it in general.  Same with my science class but that teacher was just a mono toned ass hole.  

I know in this situation i have control over the characters i choose as well as the subject matter and all.  Obviously i have chosen ones i not only know and love but can sorta relate with when it comes to personality and all.  But how can something i hated to do so much be this enjoyable now?  Is it maybe the love for the characters that makes it so?  

I do know my lack of interest in that class shows in my work and in retrospect i should have done better in that class.  Though seeing as how i don't know how to change that as of yet there is not much i can do but work with what i have and continue to improve as i go.

By the way if i have not in any way shape or form made this obvious yet...  I have a huge crush on Alvin and Simon as well.  They play a major roll in my everyday life.  Tough as much as i wish they were real and all i do accept the fact they are in fact fictional characters.  A minor technicality if you ask me.  ^_^  One of these days I will live with chipmunks.  Hopefully my landlord will allow it when i renew my lease.  How could one say no to the cuteness?  

Now...  Back to my random thoughts and all...  Sorry for my mind wandering.  Well...  If you are even still reading this.  I honestly don't expect people to read all of the crap i decide to put in these.  

Here is where i ask the questions by the way...

Does / can anyone relate to this?  Something you hated to do when you "HAD" to do it is now something you enjoy and try to make as much time to do now or did in the past?  if you care to share please do so.  ^_^  i love hearing things like that.

If you could have any pet in the world...  What would you get?  Why?  

Do you think Chipmunks are cute?

Anyone out there have a pet Chipmunk?  Any suggestions for someone who wants to get one?  I have done a lot of research on them and still want to get one more than anything in the world.  Come to think of it i would love to see what it would be like to be one too...  On this note...  Anyone know how one could achieve this?

What kind of cookie do you like?  -  i don't know why but that came to mind...

And one last thought.

How detailed should i try to get when doing the intimate parts of my Fanfic? (for those who don't know what i mean by this i mean the sex / kissing scenes)  I do know i did not do as good of a job on the first one as i wanted to and will be working on fixing that later.  As it turns out being bi and all does not help when working with a character you don't exactly like.  I thought it would...  seeing as i have more of an open mind when it comes to most things (including mating) i seem to have issues with her.  Yes...  I am not a big fan of Brittany.  She is a chipmunk (chippette) but i don't like her.  Maybe it is due to my love for Alvin...  

Thanks for taking the time to read through this...  and if you just skipped to the end...  HI!  Welcome to the bottom of this journal.  ^_^  

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Chipmunks <3
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