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I sense a distruption in the force - life

Mainly this is about my ex...and something strange (or stranger than usual).

Today I had the usual treatment, got the shit from people, pissed peoplle off, acted like a jerkoff as usual, and I also got some human anger from the gypsie who is my ex. As usual I didn't give two shits other than take the beating and give her no human emotion (purely because she doesn't deserve it) and all is normal, while she is with her rather nerdy, ugly bf (think of those little guy groupd who odd themselves out from ds games to drama/opera bs) and ect.

Now here is what I don't get, not this has happened before, but when we were together, she was standing against a pole, behind it staring at me, she did it to try to see my "true" colours because she's into the psychic bullshit. Now the different thing is that shelooked desperate for a connection, it turned me off, so I tried to push a guy in the view to cut it, she just pushed him off. Now from what I'm seeing here is that she is missing that little connection that me and her had, because the people around her aren't some permenant thing, the guys are like sheep, dogs that respond to commands( accidently deleted the sentences I had for these) and the thing is that she is trying for that connection there that we had. Now the thing about that is I know its there, I can feel it, but I ain't gonna let it gwt to me because I know it actualy can't at the sudden moment, things with me develope/fester and ect. So what do I think is going to happen really? She is going to find the guys she surrounds herself with (the DS/drama ones) ain't going to make future life friends from school type of thing, which means their gonna go bye bye like to a lot of people they probly did to and try to get a hold of life, I know this because this was my school cchanging routine (reason why I hate em in. A sense) and yeah, she is gonna be left with preactical extremely few people, its sad really, something I could take advantage of to be in her life but hell...fuck her life or introduce her to mine, show her my prediction, fuck things up further...or...or for minimal damage...hint her my knowledge...  
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
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