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After messing around with Inkbunny for a few months...

...I decided to give a pass for now.  I have a few reasons for doing so:

1) Very little activity, likely because most furs aren't really bothering signing up here; most of those who are don't seem to be interested in my work

2) Some quirks in the way the interface works.  I'm speaking primarily about the fact that links seem to appear and disappear, the use of some small click areas for some pages, and that despite the complexity, there still isn't a quick way to perform certain actions.

3) There's some added effort posting art to multiple sites, and since this never really took off, I'm not sure if it'll continue to be worth it.  Some features (like blacklisting keywords) is nice, but...

4) You know how FA changed their policies a short while ago?  Guess where most of the outcasts are going now?  Worse, a lot of them aren't bothering to throw useful keywords onto their submissions, so I have to weed out each artist to add them to an expanding one.  Also, I don't really feel comfortable associating with that crowd in such a visible manner.

While there are many ideas Inkbunny has put in place that I happen to like, I'm taking a break until further notice.  I wish their administration luck in this endeavour.

I can still be found on FA under this same username; you probably already have an account there.

Visit my home page here for a complete collection of my art (and some photography from back when I used to do that too).
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
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