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Man of the House (Part 3...UPDATE) + Suggestion Box

NOTE: Progress has been updated as of 10/11/2011

I figured that it was about that time to give a little update on the progress on the third part of the Man of the House series.

The story is now nearly done (about 95% complete) with only a few finishing details needed to be added before it is done.  At this time, it is likely that it will be finished this week and probable that it'll be done within the next 48 hours or less.

In addition, I think it's about time to start another suggestion box for another Inkbunny-exclusive story that you guys would want me to make.  Before you give me suggestions though, a few rules first...

> NO YAOI! (I cannot stress that enough...those of you who know me already know this, but for those of you who aren't as familiar with me...I don't do M/M stories...it's not that I don't have anything against it, it's just that I don't care about it.  Very rarely I'll do a story that includes some reference to this...maybe to the point of including some more intimate contact, but this will be at my own discretion and there will always be at least one female involved when I do)
> Don't suggest anything that I wouldn't do (I.E.: Piss, Shit, Vomit, Guro, or anything else that I would deem too revolting for me to do)
> Mammals are strongly preferred though certain other species may also be allowed (if you're not sure, ask me first)
> Famous furries/non-anthro animals are allowed, though I would prefer to avoid using Pokemon characters for this (that's not saying you can't make a suggestion that involves a Pokemon, it just means that it'll be less likely that I'll consider it unless it's an idea that really stands out)
> Aside from the "No Yaoi" rule...all other possible pairings will be considered as long as there is at least one female involved.  However, there is a maximum of three characters per suggestion.
> LIMIT OF ONE SUGGESTION PER PERSON (Exception: If you make a suggestion and I reject it, I'll give you a second chance to suggest something else...but you only get ONE second chance, so you'd have to make it count

The suggestion box will be open from now until I post the next journal, after which I will take the approved suggestions and conduct another poll to see which one ends up winning.  However, I'll explain more about that when that time comes.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
Haven't really read Man of the House yet, but I'll be sure to try and do so when I get a chance.

As for the suggestion bit (surprised no one's commented yet, when you've got 400+ watchers on here), how do you feel about using Lucario in a story? Would be a first, as far as I know, you've never used one in a story. I think it's a mammal, since it's somewhat based off the canine family. Will share my idea when you reply, even though I should probably try to come up with a spin on it, since I can't just very well ask for generic Lucario m/f incest. XD Though will also try to come up with something else... which I think I may have.
7 years, 4 months ago
Actually, I have done a story with a Lucario in it before (it's on FA).  I could be interested in doing another one, but I'm not sure about it...at least not at this time.
7 years, 4 months ago
Well, I had barely read that story you speak of, since it was before I decided to finally watch you on FA. Guess I forgot.

Anyway, I mentioned having another idea, if that one's sort of out (plus, haven't thought much about a spin on it). How about male mouse paired with a female cat? Anthro, of course, since couldn't see ferals doing such an idea. Not sure if you want more details, probably not, if this is just a suggestion for pairing ideas. (As I was kind of having an idea of a prey and predator type thing between the two going before the sex (which might be a consistent, in their relationship), but no actual harm or what have you, except maybe like playfully, like in your fox/mouse type relationships. But can do it however you wish, if that idea appeals to you, c-prime.)

And didn't notice the thing at the bottom until now, not sure if this counts as my second suggestion or first, since you didn't exactly flat-out say no to my idea. But this one's definitely more original, though.
7 years, 4 months ago
That idea is definitely one that I can consider doing.  I think I once had an idea similar to that in mind, but I never finished it.
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