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Drama and FA are now synonymous.

I have been watching. Lurking beneath the covers while the drama unfolds. No really, I have, because I do most of my web surfing in bed with a blanket over my ass. Anyhoo, truth be told, I hate drama, and am a furry, and while aware that the two belong together, this business at FA is getting to be too much. I ask for two things from these sites: Be consistent. Be upfront and honest. FA fails on both.

 Now, I won't troll this, as everyone has their opinion and I can see both sides of the fence quite well from my perch atop it, and better still when my singing finally gets the better of someone and I get the boot. That's not the purpose here.

 The purpose of the journal is to ask a single, pertinant question: Why? Who cares? If FA bothers you, like it does me, why not leave? I use FA AND IB both for viewing, so it's not fur off my back if they decide one thing or another. Still, most folk now have both. So .. who cares?
 I encourage you to speak your mind through the simplest means possible: leave. Just quit logging in. After a few months, they'll notice that no one looks at their art anymore and make changes. Words do nothing, but actions, passive actions mind you, show that there is something wrong.

 In other words: LONG LIVE IB!

 The preceding has been a message from Meaux and should be treated with the dignity and respect it deserves ... so, make sure to print it on soft paper instead of the regular when taking it to the bathroom.
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