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Thursday Spent Serving Ontario

Thursday was a long day working a polling location in the Ontario Provincial elections. I got maybe four hours of sleep the night before. I was up at six to walk to work by eight. I spent the day fueled by bologna and cheese sandwiches, cherry-pomegranate NutriGrain bars, apples and only four cans Coke Zero. We finally finished reporting results and hauling in ballots and stuff at eleven at night and the other supervisor was in even worse shape. I slept until two today!

The polls went pretty smoothly. we really only had one woman who insisted on being a pain and it was our fault really for sending her to the wrong poll. (Or maybe it was hers for forgetting her Notice of Registration card and maybe for not listening when told which poll to go to. You don't argue with customers, though; like trolls, the easiest thing is to lose on purpose and shut up until they leave.) The other supervisor spent a good bit of the day commenting on how light the turn-out was. We never did get very busy, even during "rush hour." We even had nice weather for it!

If you hadn't heard, the Liberals Party retain power, but with a minority this time. (They're just one seat short!) The Progressive Conservative Party hold the balance of power, but the New Democratic Party have more than enough seats to influence things; the Liberals can go to them for support and the NDP can demand policy changes in return. The other supervisor thinks we'll have another election in about a year, but I'm guessing we'll have a do-nothing parliament for the next four years. That's actually pretty good; we know that what we have now is going to be what we'll have for a while. Businesses like that.

I had all kinds of trouble finding out who won in my riding. For some reason, even the CBC, (which is usually pretty thorough), only announced the over-all results and not the riding-by-riding results. This web page finally told me that I'm represented by a Liberal. -- http://cponline.neulion.com/graphics/elections/pages/results/flash/provincial_election_template.swf?p=2011/ON/&l=EN

Here's a web page that will tell you which riding you're in. -- http://fyed.elections.on.ca/fyed/en/form_page_en.jsp

I see that the Green Party was pretty well shut out this time. They got no ridings and only 2.9% of the vote. They're going to need to work much harder to get themselves known in Ontario... but that would only further split the Not-Conservative vote. IMHO, to help restore the balance of democracy in Ontario and in Canada, we need another right-wing party to split the conservative vote.
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