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Why does SL have to make getting a region so tough?

I have been thinking for a long time of getting my own region in SL. Normally, I wouldn't want to have anything to do with SL, since mainly, its a ton of BS. Getting land from other players is fucking BS. They sell it for 1$L and then have a lease program. I don't want to lease a plot of land, let alone, a really shitty piece of land with a low ass prim limit for a price thats ridiculous. The auction system is broken because you can't even make a bid on land unless you have a premium account, and thats still just to get shitty land. And there are rare chances you can buy land, very rare, but you will never be able to own adult rated land.

But there is one thing thats perfect. One thing that is just plain awesome to have. A sim. An entire region to do what you want, whenever you want, no kikes telling you to build by their accordance, bad land is imaginary, and having friends makes things actually fun. But there is just one teeny tiny problem with it... And its not the $300.00 monthly fee, that I can cover with some budgeting, but coverable. No. Its the god damn $1000.00 starting fee.

Its not explained why its there, its just there, and it just deters me from getting a sim. And theres other packages I would be happy with. The residential package, and the cheapest. The residential package would be perfect for me, it would be orgasmic since the starting fee isn't so steep, and the monthly fee is even more manageable without budgeting, and has the right prim amount I need. But they block off the last two options unless you get the first package. I just sat there and went "Fuck. This can't be right." So I went into a support chat and asked if there was an alternative, naturally there wasn't. So unless you want a sim period, you have to lay down $1000.00 and pay the monthly fee. Every time I am tempted towards it, I always turn around and say "Fuck this shit." then I always come back with the idea of having my own personal space to call my own.

So then I decided to view one of their pre-made sims that they have for sale, the castle one. (Tack on another $25 to the starting fee and its yours.) and from that look, my imagination was already at work. I looked around the island to see how it could be divided up, giving living areas to my closest friends and establishing building areas, everything. Inspiration kept coming to me like crazyness to Tom Cruise, I was on fire. Then I went to the page again, immediately turned off by the starting price again.

I would totally get a sim, pay for the monthly fees myself, but its just that starting fee I can't get over.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Also, sorry if its hard to read, really tired at the moment.
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
Wow thats a bunch to pay for a game type place.I don't pay much more a month buying my home even with taxes and ins lol.I use like that sims one got hooked on it and had a very nice home i built ,miss playing it but i took up so much of my life .
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