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Adventures in Wall Refurbishing

Been doing a lot of housework last week. When I was going to go home last week, I found that my car battery had died and needed a jump start. Professor Awesome didn't have a jumper cable so I had to call my dad and have him bring one over. Luckily, he was heading toward me anyway. We managed to jump start my car (have to remove part of the engine frame to even get to the battery) but I fear this winter is going to kill it for good and I'm going to be stranded permanently until I can get a new car battery.

When I got home, I found that my dad had tore out the walls to the point of bare studs. Including the walls of my room. Knowing my dad's habit of starting projects and not finishing them gave me a big scare, especially considering that winter is coming.

So I went and helped him out with that though a lot of the time it feels like I'm babysitting him. For some reason, if I'm not there my dad will not even attempt to finish a project and come up with excuses after excuses. The house is already in poor enough condition and finding it tore up like he did pissed me off something fierce, especially the fact that I had no where to sleep. We completely refurbished the walls, rewired some of the electrical system (which was so shoddy I'm surprised the house hadn't caught fire), and added new insulation. This took most of last week.

Because some of the walls that my dad tore out led into our attic (it's strangely postioned), we started to clean up the attic and all the junk in it. Most of the junk belonged to my sister who refused to take it with her when she moved out. We were going to get rid of it by either burning, trashing, or donating since she has been told multiple times in the past several months to pick up her stuff. Suddenly, she shows up (I suspect someone must have tipped her off) and starts throwing a bitch fit at me for cleaning up the house. I already went through that last week with my dad so I was in no mood to take her crap. Vulgar insults were hurled, she threatened to burn my stuff (It's all at Professor Awesome's house) and said I didn't live at the house so I don't have a say in anything. I'd be really happy if I didn't live there. If only that was actually true. I ended up pissing her off something fierce and she stormed out as quickly as she stormed in and me and my dad were able to continue our work but she cost us several hours and some good daylight.

On the last day, my eldest brother came by and we were able to recruit him and we finished the drywall sooner than expected. My dad was wanting to paint them and with my brother around, he said he'd help with the painted so I went over to Professor Awesome's house.

Like usual, I end up getting a call whining about how I'm not home. Apparently my brother got drunk the night I left and then got a hangover and bitched out and ditched my dad and ran back to his girlfriend's house. Of course, my eldest brother doesn't have a car and has no job. It's my mom who brings him over all the time, who takes him home, who buys him case after case of beer, and babies him so damn much. He's almost 30, has two kids with different mothers and does nothing to take care of them, has puppy he got and ditched at the house (responsible for events in my previous journal), and is always wanting to borrow my Nintendo DS, my X-box, or my computer. Yet another reason I stash my stuff at Professor Awesome's house. My brother has hocked my stuff before for drug money and I don't want to take that risk, especially with my coin collection. That could sell for a sizable amount.

Then today, I find that my brother is back and is supposedly helping (can't say I'm too inclined to believe that) and my dad is insinuating that he wants me back. There's been so many occasions where I leave Professor Awesome's house to help my dad out with another project to find that HE WON'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL and I get stuck there for a week unable to do shit and I catch hell if I leave again, not even to do more job hunting (I applied AGAIN for Wal-mart today). My time is very precious to me and I don't like it when it gets wasted, especially by being lied to about doing house projects that my dad then decided to postpone as soon as I walk on the door.

His new project is to rip apart the bathroom. I really hope he doesn't do that, it's already getting cold out and these projects with him can take up to a week to finish and I don't want to be crapping in bushes in the cold. Professor Awesome's house has two toilets, mine only has one and ONLY ONE. This project should have been done in the Summer but that just makes too much sense.

I'll probably end up going back, get stuck at home doing nothing, and be kicking myself I went back to help with a project that my dad conveniently changes his mind on. Maybe this time I'll get hired back at Wal-mart. I can't seem to get a job anywhere else. If my divine intervention I do get hired again, I think I'll be living more at Professor Awesome's house until I save up enough money to get an apartment of my own or a small house to rent. A regular source of income is my only hope for getting out of this cesspool of crap. Call me crazy but with everything that's been going on these past few years with both of my parents, it almost seems like they are trying to keep me at the house. They cost me my first and so far only job and don't like me going anywhere at all on my own unless I'm with them despite the fact that I'm 22 years old.

Oh, and one of my hens got eaten while I was gone. I'm down to 1 rooster and 3 hens now.

Last weekend was a X-box live free gold weekend so me and Professor Awesome used that to our advantage. We don't have the money to waste on a gold membership so it was a little treat to play on-line. Needless to say, we are now sick and tired of Halo Reach and wish it would die of spontaneous combustion. It gets really repetitive and when you boil it down, it's scary what it really is.

1) Play Halo, earn credits
2) Beat Halo, play more to earn more credits
3) Credit earnings get nerfed, forced to play online to get more credits
4) Play enough online and credit earnings gets nerfed again
5) More credits=higher rank
6) Rank=more armor pieces to buy
7) Spend credits on armor
8) The armor DOES NOTHING, unlike real armor which offers protection benefits
9) The armor is purely cosmetic

Art-wise, I suddenly came up with an idea for a new project when reading a journal of a friend of mine on dA. I've seen a lot of those "Ask -insert name of character here-" accounts being made and I thought what if I do a comic project (not making a new account or anything like that) and have the Demordicai Diamonds cast answer questions people send in. Every once in a while, I'd pick a question sent to me, hopefully via PM, and draw up a little mini-comic of the characters answering it. Whoever sent in the picked question, unless they would prefer to remain anonymous, would receive somewhere around 50 Mace Points. I think I will go ahead with this project for the sake of entertainment and amusement (and that I haven't done any Mace Point projects in a long while). If you'd like to send in some questions or even want some advice from the DD cast, feel free to ask via PM. You might see your question answered in a mini-comic and get some Mace Points to spend on requests and the like if you save up enough. I haven't really started up my Mace Point project yet here on Inkbunny but I don't see why not.

I don't know if I will be able to get to finishing DD56 this week, especially if I go back home. If I do, I'll have little choice but to delay that until I get back to Professor Awesome's house.

That's it for this journal. If I have the time, I may be posting an extra journal detailing my thoughts on certain topics. I think for this week I might delve into the realm of character development.
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