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Lol worthies

I had some IRC problems, which is similar to DC++, so here are some amusing extracts from my timeon DC++.

[10:46:00] <•Trivia•> Question 7 of 15. Misc:What is normal body temperature for an adult human?
[10:46:29] <•Trivia•> Here is a hint: 9••6
[10:46:58] <Magician> 97.6
[10:47:00] <•Trivia•> Here is a hint: 98.6
[10:47:00] <•Trivia•> Only 30 seconds left to get it!
[10:47:06] <Magician> 98,6
[10:47:17] <Magician> 97,6
[10:47:26] <Magician> 94.6
[10:47:30] <•Trivia•> No one got that. The correct answer is '98.6'

[15:38:15] <Postmanpat> does anyone have the new true blood S03E12? Cant find it
[15:38:40] <Rakuen> I have true blood. I imagine with fake blood you would die very quickly
[15:38:55] <[UC]InHumaN> i lol'd

[16:19:02] <...> dudes, nothing comes up when I search
[16:19:07] <...> how do i fix this?
[16:19:51] <blue_panda> [16:20:08] <Dazzle> noob is File -> Settings -> connection settings -> Passive (firewall, worst case)
[16:19:53] <Rakuen> make the search a small window and play porn in a larger window. that should get something up
[16:21:20] <L333ch> ....
[16:21:23] <...> blue_panda I love you
[16:21:36] <blue_panda> lol welcome
[16:21:58] <Rakuen> sure just ignore my help
[16:22:18] <...> i love you too rukuen, in a gay way
[16:22:52] <Rakuen> sigh... its spelled with an 'a'
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