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Some thoughts on MLP

I have been Youtubing, and something that I thought was obvious apparently has some other POVs.  "Night Mare Moon" is Luna, we know this, but when she was hit by the Elements of Harmony it broke her magically created guise; that is Luna's NMM form and the form we see Celestia in all the time is not the way they were born, but a magical form (think magical uniform) that they put onto themselves to denote themselves as rulers.

Now, I can presume that after scaring everyone, Luna is not going to take that form again in the series to keep from scaring them again (Although I would be pleased as punch if the writers gave her a new magical form, but that may be too much character depth to the series).  I am sure any other unicorn pony could create the same for themselves, but it would be a social faux pas much like wearing a costume in public for no special occasion.

This is my understanding of the matter; I have been wrong in MLP matters before, but in traditional fantasy physics, this the most likely explanation to the magic hair ponies.

-And Another Thing-
I don't know what is being taught in school these days, but when I was a little school gurl, we were taught when making acronyms, the acronym must be in completely in capital letters unless the acronym is extremely well known, always include the first word unless it is "the" (I'M LOOKING YOU~ "The Atlantic Paranormal Society"...), then important words afterword, skipping words shorter than three letters, prepositions, and punctuation as it may cause confusion in the sentences using the acronyms.  Furthermore, secondary titles are only included if the primary title is an entirely different entity (which in this case it is), so "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" becomes "MLPFM", not "MLP:FiM".  
The exceptions to this rule are where there are the same number or more of the words that shouldn't be used for acronyms than those that are.  These words are left lower case to denote their oddity, for example: "LotR", "Lord of the Rings", instead of "LR".

Another school of acronyms are used when there are two or more things that are related that need a similar acronym style so that they can be compared easily, example "StHSAM" for "Sonic the Hedgehog: Saturday AM version" (AM is already an acronym, so it is used whole) and "AoStH" for "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog".

I know I've always been a grammar nazi, but that's because it's one of the two rule systems I believe makes the world a less stressful place (the other is rules of traffic), and there is probably someone reading this itching to say that I, "think too much", but for that someone I remind them that Albert Einstein said this on the matter, "Imagination is more important than knowledge".
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