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One of the wonderful things about joining an artists community is that it has given me a chance to exhibit works I've done that, until now, never would have seen the light of day.
  I don't go in for juried art shows and that side of the art world and going to a summer session at our states School of the Arts quickly taught me that still life and other Fine art subjects didn't touch my soul at all. I liked comic books and cartoons. They made me WANT to use my artistic talent. Two BIG-ASS problems there.At that time you had two choices; IF you wanted to work in comics you had to move to New York (Living in New York? not for me) IF you wanted to work in animation you had to move to Los Angeles (I'm of the firm belief that most of the insane people end up there- look at the some of the laws that were first enacted in CA) So right off the bat my  first two career choices were shot down. It didn't stop me from creating  though.So the pieces piled up, unseen, collecting physical and virtual dust .
Not anymore.Thanks to Inkbunny and other ArtComms Now at long last they can be SEEN. Whatever people may think of my works, whether they Love it,Hate it or are even Indifferent (although art that provokes no emotional response seems to me an epic fail)
Being a part of this community has inspired me to the point that I've actually started using physical medium again. For the last 5 years I've worked exclusively in digital. Now the desire to have things to post made me go through a lot manilla envelopes and old PMT and film boxes (which might as well be the aforementioned closet or drawer) in search of fur themed artwork. In seeing these works again I've been reminded of how Rewarding it was creating them. So I've bought another sketch pad, new pencils, markers (funny how technology has changed but marker quality is still piss poor)and when the ideas scratch at my head to be let out I'll be ready.I won't be abandoning digital though, I love my Flash, Photoshop and my wacom tablet way too much to give them up. Unless all the power goes in December 2012.
  To all those watching me, Thank You, it's great fun showing this stuff.I truly appreciate your taking the time to view and comment on my works.

                                                                     Artzilla60 signing off
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
There are three art communities that I use on regular basis: furaffinity, deviantart and inkbunny.
All have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but a pretty nice balanced combo of all three seems to do the trick :-)

also glad to hear you enjoy the art and the communities, always nice to see more artists in the works, and your works so far have been quite fun and enjoyable to look at. Would love to see more from you in the future.
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