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Back from EF, Bit of a Con Report

So, I'm back from EF, and thought I'd write up a little something about how it went.

First up, the trip there and back was annoying as hell. 6 hours train trip each way, with really shitty seats (I thought the ICE high-speed trains would have better seating, but apparently they're worse than the general crappy Dutch trains? Meh). By the time I got to the con, I was in a lot of pain, it had started to rain and soaked us, and was generally in a bad mood. Getting in there, I felt bad and had a panic attack from the number of people and noise and everything. Not a great start. I went to bed on the Wednesday early.

The dealer's den started on Thursday and lasted through to Saturday. Things went well and I sold almost all my originals and prints that we took along. I was only left with originals I had kinda suspected wouldn't sell, and the unicorn girl sketch, which surprised me since all my other sketches sold very quick (aside the husky femmeboy which also proved hard to shift - and those two were the most popular ones I uploaded to FA!). Also, print sales were surprising - a few of my very popular recent uploads did badly while others did very well. For example, Savannah Queen has been my most popular recent upload and it sold no prints at all! Other stuff sold out within hours. Weird! It's given me food for thought for next time.

On the commission side I again priced myself a bit too low. I priced at 15 euros per badge (full colour, pencil shading) and sold out of all slots within 2 hours - 25 badges - and could have easily sold twice as many or more. 25 badges inside 3 days is also kinda too much. It left me with bugger all time to enjoy myself. This wasn't helped by the Friday when I had a massive migraine and sickness (felt like food poisoning, but I have no idea) and had to spend the entire day in my room in the dark, unable to move basically, and thus got very little work done till the evening. Luckily Simon manned my dealer's table though!

As for the art show - I think it went pretty well. I put 5 pieces in: Fox & Butterflies, Masai Jackal, Graphite African Wild Dog, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny and Golden Cheetah. The results were not altogether surprising, though the Masai Jackal did not as well as I'd hoped, fetching 50 euros ($65). The Fox & Butterflies went for 100 euros ($130), African Wild Dog for 30 euros ($40), Golden Cheetah for 40 euros ($50) and the big surprise was Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny, which went to voice auction and got 70 euros ($90), which is pretty awesome as it's a small piece. And it sat on Furbuy for 3 months with a $30 price tag and no bids. ;D I only wish I'd watched the voice auction to see what was said about it, hehe.

Finally, my plan was for Saturday night, the end of all the work and junk, to be my kick-back-relax-get-drunk-hang-out night. Instead, I left dinner with friends early to get back for the alleged art show payout time (9pm-ish). Got told it was moved back to between 10 and 11pm. Stood around outside from 10.30pm waiting, hoping to get in first and just get on with my evening. Waited. Waited. 12pm finally they took 3 test people in to pay out, of which I was second. It took till just about 1am that I was paid out. After that much waiting around, my back was really aching, went and had a couple of drinks and tried to have fun, felt too tired to get into it and went to bed. Epic night of partying, that was. -_-

At least it saved me from spending a bunch of my art-show earnings on the ridiculously overpriced hotel bar! (Drinks costing on average 1.5x the amount they did in the old hotel).

In the end it was not a bad con for me because I made around 450 euro in profit from it (650 euro expenses in getting there), and did indeed budget the whole thing as a business trip. I learned some stuff for next time, and by the time the next con comes round I hope to have improved, made a bunch more nice art for printing, and generally do things better. From a social perspective though, it was very disappointing, I didn't get to spend much time with people, I missed doing anything fun, as usual I feel utterly outside the social dynamics of the other artists, and there was none of the awesome craziness and hijinks of most other cons I've been to.

I hope that next time is a bit more fun as well as profitable, Eurofurence 2010 gets a C- (the old hotel was much much better too).
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Added: 8 years, 4 months ago
8 years, 4 months ago
Glad it ended up profitable! I've found that it is very hard to enjoy cons socially if you are there for business at all. But then it can be hard to justify the cost of going if you can't make some cash back. ;.; But as you say, you know some things to make it more successful and efficient next time, so hopefully more social fun can be had then!
8 years, 4 months ago
Well, it's true that you can't do a lot of stuff if you're working at a con. But last year at EF I had a dealer's table and still managed to have an awesome time in the evenings (much drinking, hehe). Mostly though I was terribly overloaded on work - I took too many badge commissions, and I hate doing mail-outs since people seem so disappointed if you have to tell them that. 25 badges in 3 days! All full marker colour and pencil detailing. X_x Next time I should increase my prices (I was full on commissions in 2 hours) and do less of 'em.
8 years, 4 months ago
if you ever make it to FC you and I are gonna get our Drank on >8) I think youd be fun to hang out with drink alot and draw with
Ima giggly stupiud drunk and retardely funny to be with >8)
8 years, 4 months ago
I would like to make it to FC! But when I checked they had no dealer's tables available this year and idk how their artists alley works, if they have one. :S It needs to be able to pay for itself, or mostly pay for itself, to be viable.
8 years, 4 months ago
ive never sold in the ally before. Im sure if you posted a journal you could find out >8)
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