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Your yiff folder!! (meme)

Yiff folder meme. SPILL YOUR SECRETS!!

First, let me say this will be my whole folder of stuff I save, since I save everything, clean or naughty, to one folder where there is tons of sub-folders with assorted names, like Skunks, Coyotes, Thylacines, Misc. Shit, so on.


How well hidden is it?

[ ] On my desktop on main directory.
[ ] In an obviously named folder in my main drive.
[ X ] In an innocently named folder, or several subfolders deep (My Pictures -> Sev's Junk)
[ ] In a password protected folder/partition.

How big is it?

[ ] < 500 MB
[ ] <= 1GB
[ X ] <= 5GB (5.11 On Disk, 5.08 Size it used to be double that size, but, desktop went splort one day, and no one has had the time or funds to help fix it.)
[ ] <= 10 GB
[ ] > 10 GB

Right click > Properties. How many files and folders are in there?

13,803 Files, 210 Folders.

What's in it? >:3 Check all that apply!

[ X ] Pictures
[ X ] Animated gifs
[ X ] 3D Animations (not sure, but I will say yes anyway)
[ X ] Real life pictures of mates/furiends/fursuits (a few RL pics of furries I know)
[ X ] Stories

Has anyone else ever discovered it? Give details if you feel comfortable.

[ X ] Never. (pasword protected laptop <3)
[ ] Came close a few times.
[ ] A furry found it.
[ ] A non-furry found it.
[ ] A non-furry partner/spouse/family member found it.

What's the main orientation of your folder's contents?

[ ] Straight
[ X ] Gay males
[ ] Lesbian
[ ] Herm

Do you have your yiff folder backed up?

[ ] No.
[ X ] No, but I'm going to now! (or will when I can get something to back it up to, like a new desktop I will get when I finally find a job and steady place to live.)
[ ] Yes.
[ ] Yes, in several places!

If your yiff folder was deleted, how long would it take you to notice?

[ ] Mere minutes.
[ ] Within a few hours.
[ X ] By the end of the day.
[ ] In a week.
[ ] Longer than a week.

If your yiff folder got deleted, how upset would you be?

[ X ] Pretty upset :/ (this is all the stuff I have saved all over again since my desktop died and I couldn't back my memory drive up since friend flopped on helping me get proper stuff to do it.)
[ ] It would bother me.
[ ] I wouldn't mind all that much.
[ ] I'd be happy about it.

Do you have a separate folder for human porn (drawn or otherwise)?

[ ] Don't have any human porn on my computer.
[ ] No, it's all in there together.
[ X ] Yes, separate folders for humans and furries. (only one folder has human stuff on it, RL or not, and that is in my C&BT folder I periodically send out to those who want it.)

Describe the picture in your yiff folder that you would least want people in your personal life to see.

Pretty much, I don't care about it, but if anything, I'd not want any straight friends or family to see any of my pics of my RL bits that I send to only a few special people. xP


Spread this around and have fun.
Original journal meme by https://inkbunny.net/FlynnRausch
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