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Kids next door and wow update : firelands.

I finally watched the whole Kids Next Door tv shows. Before I have been able only to see a few episodes there and there when I was in USA 6 years ago. I must say it was mostly as good as I remembered. A few bad episodes, a few not too good ones, but mostly good and sometimes really good. I have laught more than once and saved some episodes. The characters are great, except numbeh 3 and 4, and they have their own personnalities and even episodes regarding them. The KND organisation starts a bit confusing but is nicely fleshed out and coherent (I wondered about the number giving, but kids basically choose their own number among those available).

Sometimes I think they goes overboard with all the destruction stuff and such, but it is good. Of their two movies, operation Zero is great. Operation interviews, the KND characters are played by adult actors and have their memories restored so they can tell us the last mission they have been on with cartoons part as flashback is not so good. It put an end to the serie regarding the plotline of the last season, but it is confusing and not interesting.

But Kids Next Door rules !

Otherwise, yesterday the Firelands nerf hits the european servers. Since a couple of months ago, because of numbers and an increasing push of some players to do the Heroic modes, we have done a raid 10 Heroic and a raid 10 normal. We tried a raid 25 Heroic, brought shannox Heroic to 3%, but the ID problems with the Heroic Mode (thanks blizzard for this crappy system) advocated against doing it again. So now, the guild is basically split in two : the good and the bad. I'm among the bad. The bad raid have sadly not been able to do go really far, the group fluctuated much and results have been same. Sometimes the group will be able to try Ragnaros (tried it once myself) and sometimes it wouldn't even get to being able to try the final boos, if they even had the numbers to raid.

So yesterday I was on the bad raid and despite the nerf it was decided we wouldn't do any heroic boss. And that was an horrible raid. We cut through like butter on the first four bosses, we barely broke a sweat with Alys and Majordomo and Ragnaros... He lasted only one hour despite many of us never seeing the phase 2 or 3. In less than 3 hours we had cleaned the whole raid. It was really dissapointing.
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