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RF Meme!

Since it's pretty much my home con, I'm totally headed to RF! So here's the current meme for it:

Staying at:
The Hilton!

Mode of Transportation:
I'm pretty sure that
is gonna be my ride this time, unless we can't work it out, then car or public transit

Room Share:
If nothing changes, then
, and

Major Plans at the Con:
I dunno really, hanging out with friends and furry family mostly <3

Who Will I be with:
Probably lots of different people, including
, my lil bro
, my big bro
, and others!

Nah, no suit, just a collar.

Attending Parties:
I dunno, I don't tend to look for them, but I dunno if I'll be dragged or not XD

How best to find me:
If you have my cell, then call or text me and I'll get back to ya <3 I also might have access to AIM, Y!IM, and GTalk on my phone while wandering, but don't expect me to be chatting a whole lot XD

Stage Performance:
Nah, not really

Soda! Like Mountain Dew or Coke.. I dunno about alcoholic stuff, I don't drink much XD Sake maybe


Hugs are fun :3

People usually say I'm easy to talk to, so go ahead!

I'm not an artist, tho I sorta wish I could draw (But I'm lazy XD)

Do you do trades?
Nope, not enough of an artist

What is your gender?
I'm a guy, yup

How old are you?

Can I touch you?
Probably, yeah

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
I don't tend to drink lots of drinks, so good luck XD

Can I give you lots of money?
It'd probably make me feel really guilty or something, but if you really -want- to

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Sure! Snuggles are good :D

How tall are you?

You look pissed off out of suit can I come up to you?
I won't be in suit XD But you're probably fine to come up to me

Are you nice?
I'm usually told so, you'll have to find out I guess o.o

Are you cliquey?
I certainly try not to be =P

Can I stalk you?
Um.. I dunno o=

Do you like parties?
Small ones, but who knows

If I see you, how should i get your attention?
Probably just try to call for Jordan, or walk up and say hi, or something.. I might be a little oblivious if I don't already know you tho, sorry!

Are you fursuiting?
As I said before, no suit, so no XD (I'm not borrowing anyone's suit, either)

Can I ask ya to dance with me during the dances?
I doubt I'll be at too many of the dances, honestly

Can I buy breakfast, lunch, or dinner sometime?
This will probably make me feel shy or guilty or something, too, but you can try

Can I take a picture of ya?
Not worth the film/data, but sure, I guess XD

Can I steal ya away for *censored*?
Maybe, depends on who you are =O

Would ya like to get a commission done of ya?
I plan on getting commissions really.. Well, perhaps not many, but I usually try and get at least one at a con

Wanna cuddle at the con?
Cuddles are still nice o: Tho more likely if I know you, usually

Wanna play some Xbox games?
I should bring my gamer profile, huh? XD

Wanna take a photo of me too if I'm suiting?
I don't end up taking lots of photos, but if your suit's pretty awesome then maybe?

What will you be selling?
Nah, just buying, I'm not good enough to sell anything yet.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
;; I wish i could have gone, maybe some other year.  Well I hope you have fun and hug Bloo for me alright and pretty much everyone else. ^.=.^
7 years, 10 months ago
" I'm pretty sure that Shokuji is gonna be my ride this time
I thought I was going to ride you. :p ;)

Also, I wish I could have chatted with Bloo a bit more before the con. o.x;
7 years, 10 months ago
I meant you were gonna drive me there! =p
7 years, 10 months ago
hehee ^_^ Well PM me your addy and stuff. =3
7 years, 10 months ago
But if I do that, Starling can see! =O

..Wait, I don't care if he knows where I live =p
7 years, 10 months ago
LOL x//3 Sho is naughty~! =D
7 years, 10 months ago
Just playin' ^_^
7 years, 10 months ago
Yey, have fun~! =D I envy you! I want to be with Sho and all those amazing furs too! X3

7 years, 10 months ago
Maybe you can visit one day and join us. =3
7 years, 10 months ago
If I could I would do it right now~! ://3

7 years, 10 months ago
It'd be awesome to have you here too~
7 years, 10 months ago
Thankies~ >////<
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