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My birthday has come and gone and I'm now another year older. My idea for having a bonfire cookout for everyone instead of a normal party almost didn't happen. I thought everyone would enjoy a good cookout with some good food. It kinda irked me a little, I've been trying to get this going and telling everyone about it for about a week and then when it came time to get the bonfire going and cook some hotdogs and hamburgers, my family completely forgot about it as if I having been telling them about it everyday for the past week. If I knew I was being ignored that whole week, I probably wouldn't have put as much effort into it. In the end, we did have a make-shift cook out so I'm happy that at least that happened. I went and bought myself a new corded X-box 360 controller and Professor Awesome and his sister decided to have some fun with getting me a  present. They went out and bought me a Fluttershy pony figure. Gave me a good laugh, just what I was needing. So I have it currently set up by my art desk.

A lot of shit has been happening at my house, literally for one instance.  My eldest brother is trying to move back in again and brought over a Boxer/Labrador mix puppy and left it at my house and even when he's here (most of the time now) he doesn't do shit to take care of it. So one morning, I woke up hearing the pup claw around at things and running around the house so I put him outside and went back to bed, it was WAYYY to early. Later, I woke up ready for the day, I sit up, and sit my feet on the floor outside my bed...in DOG SHIT!!! And I was barefoot too. I swear I was seeing red at the time, there was not only one shit pile, there was three! And that puppy was running around my room, somehow back in the house. Turns out, my eldest brother let him back in. And this isn't the first time he's made messes everywhere, just the first time I've stepped in it right when I wake up. As you can probably guess, that was not a good omen for the day.

I turned my rage into something more productive that day. Seeing how everyone has been complaining about how filthy the house is (and it really is), I went on a cleaning spree. I got 4 garbage bags entirely full of trash and then my dad started complaining about me cleaning. My eldest brother lives like a pig, he's almost 30 and is entirely babied and can do no wrong. He eats and eats and leaves his food and beer (good lord can he drink) out everywhere and refuses to pick up after himself. It's even worse when he brings his crazy girlfriend over. I find rotten food hidden behind beds, underneath stacks of clothes, it is disgusting and smells absolutely awful. Even worse, my brother and his girlfriend will lock themselves in my room and trash it. I just hope I don't have to burn another damn mattress again. All the cleaning I do in a week is reversed in just a day, I'm the only one that bothers to clean and I just simply can't make any headway at all. I might not have a job at the moment and be bringing home money but I'm the only one who bothers to try to clean anything at all in my house and try to have things be somewhat livable.

And then everyone wonders why I go to Professor Awesome's house so often and stay there for so long before coming back home. That's not even getting into all the drama and crap that goes on at my house.

So, I'm back at Professor Awesome's house now. It's good to be back. I've had a good long break from artwork and comicwork and I think I'm ready to get back into it. I have no idea just what I'll end up drawing, it's too early to tell. I do intend on getting DD55 done and getting back on track with Demordicai Diamonds soon.

While I've been gone, me and Professor Awesome have been discussing Demordicai Diamonds a bit over the phone, mainly on where we're currently at with the story (week long harvest festival time!) but on a few things such as different religions and a few "magical physics" topics. Because Professor Awesome has a tough time remembering somethings, we went over the whole story as it currently stands and took inventory of Rune's wardrobe that she has amassed throughout the story. Turns out she has a lot more stockpiled than what we both figured, most of it we ended up forgetting over time. Unlike Dalken, Rune takes good care of her clothes, Dalken's clothes always seem to be getting torn, ripped, sliced, burnt, and/or melted.

There's a possibility that I may start a project detailing Rune's wardrobe, mainly for me and Professor Awesome's personal use for keeping track of it. I started a project like it back in the past, 2 years ago I believe, but never went far with it. I also might do some first time rough concept of some commonly worshiped beings in the world of Demordicai Diamonds. Other than that, can't say for sure what I'll do. Any suggestions or anything you'd like to see?

It's good typing up a new journal, this time at Professor Awesome's house and his fast internet. We've kicked things off today by starting up the N64 and playing some Turok Rage Wars. We used to play that game all the time when we were little kids, we'd go down and rent it every Saturday. I'm REALLY rusty and Professor Awesome wins 99% of the time. I love the bots, especially how stupid some of them are.  It's a lot like Halo multiplayer, A LOT like it. Except better in some ways. Lots of fun times there...until Professor Awesome's old memory card deleted our data. So we took a break and I decided to type up a journal.

Expect some art from me in the days to come and a new Demordicai Diamonds page as well. Since I'm not too sure just what I'll be drawing, feel free to make some suggestions. I can't say I'm taking requests but I feel lost sometimes on just what exactly I should focus on. I get all these ideas but sitting down and picking something can be difficult for me sometimes. A little bit of direction can go a long way.

That's it for this journal. I'll see about having something new to post probably tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be ponies, I've been resisting drawing them for a while now. I fear once I start I may end up drawing ponies ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

Oh shit, that just reminded me. Sorry, I lied, I got more to tell. On Saturday, my mom went and brought over one of my nephews (one of my eldest brother's sons who does nothing for them, hence why the mothers take care of them and demand child support though he doesn't have a job). He woke me up too damn early again, much like the puppy, though he was wanting to play X-box. I tell him no. He then wants to watch TV. I reluctantly agree through my tired daze and tell him very sternly not to mess with the DVR. I go back to bed. I wake up earlier and found that he messed with the DVR and


That really pissed me off. I've been waiting months for that. It's one of the few things I still look forward to. He want and disabled it after I specifically told him not to mess with it and then complained to me that he doesn't like that show because his sister watches it. Man, I was so angry. I decided on top of everything that's been going on at the house, I'm leaving for a while. It's high time I left anyway. First thing I did on getting to Professor Awesome's house was scouring the internet for the new episode. Found it, watched it, enjoyed it. And then I realized...Holy shit, Discord is Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation! Made the episode even more better. Hasbro hired Q for My Little Ponies. The whole thing has be boggled and amused at the same time. I'm loving it, can't wait for the next episode next Saturday.

Alright, this is the end of the journal. Time for me to get something to eat.

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