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Ok, so there won't be much actual ranting or raving, but I'm tired of having that failed commission journal at the top. Silly idea anyway. Perhaps it'll work better in the distant future?


Anyway, I just wanted to say. um. stuff. yeah. My computer sucks. So does internet in this corner of the world. Which sucks even more, because I seem to keep getting hooked on MMORPG's all the frikken time.

Recently been playing some Lego Universe. It has potential, I suppose, but I really just want to sit on my "property" and build some giant lego space base thingy. I gotta tell ya, I have a thing for those old octagonal dome pieces, and the smaller matching wall pieces. But I have none of them in my lego collection.

In Lego Universe, however, you can get what looks like (almost) every lego brick ever created...! I don't know exactly, because the free version doesn't really let you get far. And some bricks can't be purchased from the brick vendor.

Regardless, all I want to do (all I've ever really wanted to do) is build a huge lego space station using those octagonal wall pieces for an extensive corridor system, interconnecting a network of those big octagonal corner dome pieces and all the rest! It seems like this is a possibility, (although the property you get in the free area is rather small, and you can't share it with the public unles you're a member...) and the behaviour system you can assign to models on your property seems pretty good (I kinda started getting a little carried away making doors and elevators... although there are more complex bahaviour tools you can unlock further into the game... if you're a member, of course...).

Unfortuantely, there seems to be a limit to how many models on my property my pc can handle. The more models you have, or the more behaviours you have on those models, I don't recall the technical term the game uses, but the more stuff you put on your property just makes it not work good. It does come up with a warning when your pc "can't handle" all the models on your property, though, which is good.


So, in conclusion: Curse my crappy computer! That techie guy never did get back to me about upgrading my computer... in fact, that was months ago! What? How? Why? I guess he doesn't want to make a sale. Oh well. I guess I'll just go play my new old copy of DOOM64. Wee! 8D

Who needs all those high-end videogames anyway? Everyone knows they already perfected every videogame genre, what, decades ago, now. Just like cartoons, right guys? =P

Now lets go kill some monsters! >8D
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
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