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Chase has blocked me from FA

I have heard complaints about FA's admin staff, and refused to believe them until now. Now I feel as if my eyes have been opened:

I've just been banned by Chase.
I was half-joking and half serious on some submission when I implied that cub porn was child porn, and the guy, who I thought was my friend, didn't take kindly to that. Even though we smoothed it out over notes, he apparently still reported and blocked me. Chase then contacted me, and infracted me. I didn't do anything wrong, so I of course protested this infraction, and he of course doesn't take that well. His attitude reflected that of control, dominance, like police chief talking to a commoner. I am no bitch, I basically don't cower, don't beg, don't grovel, I stand up and take the dominant attitude back from him, and he immediately accuses me of "disrespect". He knew he was infracting me unfairly because he kept telling me to "just drop it". I didn't. He threatens me with suspension. I say "hold on, I'm almost done with you", and I ask him one more question. He doesn't answer my question, and then literally says "Done with me? No I'm done with you" etc etc. He threatens me again, saying to stop. I knew admins were weak, fragile, oversensitive, insecure people, but this was an all new low. I know I've won, I know I've gotten to him, so I just respond with "have a nice night ^^". He responds back several minutes later, and says that he's found evidence of past accounts that were banned, and he accuses me of ban evasion, so he plans to block me.
The truth is, a while ago I was in denial about my affinity for furry porn, the community, etc, so I used this email to make a troll account or two, all in the name of being a good /b/tard and doing the whole anti-furry thing etc. Those accounts were of course banned. But then, later on I had a change of heart, I admitted my liking for furry porn, art, the community, etc, and decided to be serious about it. I made a new serious account, and got serious about the website (foolishly using the same email). That's the truth about it.
I couldn't believe at first that Chase had actually tried to dig up dirt on me from long ago past just to try to justify banning me, I had never seen an admin stoop that low. I asked him that. Then I explained to him what I had said just above here, about how I was a furry-in-denial, but had a change of heart, and he didn't listen. He insisted I was ban evading, and banned me. I now know that it was just his justification for banning me, as soon as he saw those past accounts on my email I was done for, the note asking me to defend myself was simply trivial, customary, something in the records to make it seem like he had tried to be fair.
I have sent an email to the account admins, but I doubt I will be reinstated, hence my post here, and most likely I'll repost this on SF, and other sites.

I am somebody who is honest, speaks honestly, and will do so even if it will get me into trouble. This of course has landed me in hot water with insecure mods who don't want their "authority" challenged by a nobody like me, so I have encountered shitty admins before, but this was an all new low. FA....is in terrible shape.
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Added: 8 years, 6 months ago
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