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sooo... some porn company is out phishing...

I received a rather threatening and condescending phone call today... not quite sure how serious this is... but I figured it was serious enough to come to the community and ask for help with it...

Basically there's some porn company out there that somehow decided I "stole" a film I have never heard of... or seen... and uploaded it to a torrent site somehow... even though I personally don't upload new torrents to sites or belong as a member to any torrent sites. They claim to have subpoenaed my ISP for information about me and to have verified that I downloaded the file on February 26th and uploaded it on the 27th.

There are a few problems with their claims... the first being that I have never heard of the company before in my life nor their video. Also i have no account on any file sharing site where I could post a link to a new torrent so I wouldn't be able to upload one if I wanted to. Finally and this is the most damming thing and the real reason I wanted to post for advice here... My ISP provider never received a subpoena (according to them) and has never heard of this company. They did admit that I have some torrent "flags" on my account but they are all for "rifftrax" files which are edited films that are supposed to be only downloaded if the user owns the actual film as well (which I do... I belong to a community that develops "synched" rifftrax... which are films with the enabled audio track already patched over the films original audio.)

Basically the only thing I can really assume is that the company is phishing for people to settle without actually checking with their ISP... however I don't want to rely on that alone since I do have a wireless network... and it is conceivable (however damn unlikely with my monitoring equipment) that someone downloaded a torrent file and uploaded it onto a new site without my knowledge... however... I do not see how I could then be held legally responsible since I have never heard of this company... never seen their film, never benefited financially and they didn't even do what they claimed was legally "correct" with my ISP (and no they did not claim they are "going to" file a subpoena in the future they claimed they already files the subpoena and that's how they got my information.)

One of the most creepy and disturbing aspects of this companies claim is the way in which they decided to contact me, and the way in which they "discussed" matters with me over the phone. They basically degenerated rather quickly when I told them I had never seen their film to threatening me with litigation and then asking rather dark leading questions, leading up to a capper that severely offended me. The man on the phone who referred to himself as "Mike Thorton" then threatened my carer, insinuating that it would not look good for someone "working on a master's degree in teaching arts..." to be associated with a gay porn film. He apparently had old information, as he had no idea whether I graduated, asking whether I had graduated from my university yet or not, and basically attempting to get more information out of me including trying to get a "new email address" out of me since the one my ISP provider "gave" him was one that I do not use.

All told the experience seems fishy, and like the company is attempting to gain money from people trying to make things go away, especially since they tried to threaten my "position", however I am extremely interested in others opinion on this.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
i don't know  about you but i would get a lawyer and  have them  look in to this , theirs a lot of shit out on the net   now a days and you need to be care full  of people like this  , i have  tuned a lot of  fishy  emails i get  to the  FBI  don't know if you what  law you have in  ca but i would turn them in to them and let them handle it ..
7 years, 4 months ago
honestly... I also posted this to a law advice section on Livejournal... and along with that I called my ISP as I mentioned and asked if these guys actually DID contact them and apparently they had never heard of them and defiantly had not been "subpoenaed" for information. Because of this I was basically told I should ignore the guy unless I actually receive something in the mail and or actually get served... also their not suing me their suing my parents... however they went through and specifically highlighted the fact that I was gaining a teaching degree... and then mentioned this on the phone. I then replied that I didn't like his insinuation or the implication that he would use the information as blackmail... when I mentioned that he got very defensive and hung up. Afterwords at the advice of my ISP I called his office back and left a message asking for his information and telling him I would not really respond to anything other then a formal written request/subpoena.

I looked into this a lil more carefully after posting this last night and there's actually a lot of this happening across the US right now. The companies are basically hoping people will just pay them without any evidence... their not even collecting actual evidence... now I didn't actually download their lil porn flick... nor did I upload it anywhere... so I am sure as hell not paying for it...  I found a non-profit defense group that's been set up to fight these "porn troll lawyers" called the EFF that I may contact if this guy ever contacts me again... Mostly I put this up in case others got hit with something similar... I could understand if someone did download their film... but honestly if I didn get to actually cum to their porn I am defiantly not paying for it.
7 years, 4 months ago
ah yeah i would just ignore them to , but if they ever call you i would file a report on it right away , and i did hear  about some people getting a scam   like this too, it's a real bugger tho :/
7 years, 4 months ago
Report 'em. They're scammers. The worst type of scammers - Scammers that use porn. o_O
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