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Society Sucks Sometimes.

Y'remember how a few weeks ago, I wrote about the Escapist Magazine and how their site was kind of a weird conglomerate of neat things and shitty things when it came to their videos? Yeah well, turns out, Escapist is starting to edge towards the sensationalist side of things. At least, it seems that way given how they treated one of their headlining and, in my opinion, strongest series, Extra Credits.

EC is a show made by gamers (a speaker, a writer, and an artist) who talk about how things in games work and how we can better ourselves by bettering the games. It's a truly noble effort and one I'm glad to say has no intention of disappearing any time soon from the Internet.

Shame that the Escapist never really paid them for their last year's worth of work.

See, as far as I have read and can understand, the Escapist has been falling on harder times in the economy. Either their site isn't pulling enough traffic these days (Yahtzee Croshaw aside) or their editors are just making poor decisions about quality. I'm inclined to think both are true in that the EC crew basically made a highly successful show drawing tons of gamers to the Escapist, but because the magazine 'owned' their show, they weren't allowed to put out t-shirts or other media (like the inevitable DVD) without ESCAPIST being stamped all over it.

And it gets worse, too. Their artist, Allison, needed to have surgery on her drawing arm in order to save her career (tendons or whatnot, can't find that anywhere). The Extra Credits team asked very humbly to their supporters for donations to meet a goal of $15,000 dollars so they could help her continue what she's good at. Over the course of the first WEEK, they earned somewhere in the range of $80,000. They were blown away and have since turned the money into a fund to help indie developers put the right kind of new game onto the market with their share of the profits being funneled back into the fund.

Escapist took one look at that and said GIMME. No, seriously. When the EC guys had finally had enough and wanted their pay so they could leave and go back to YouTube where they started, not only did the Escapist tell them no, but that the EC crew needed to pay THEM 75% of the proceeds. S'right. You don't get paid, you pay US so you can leave and have rights to your show. Thankfully, it was settled out of mainstream courtrooms and the EC crew got their rights and their funds. They've since moved to Penny Arcade TV where the content...well, is new anyhow and could use some more class.

But the Escapist really fucked this one up. They treated one of their big moneymakers like garbage to the point of insisting that instead of being paid, they should pay the company. All this while that godforsaken black hole of talent and logic Jimquisition keeps staying on their medialist. Yes I've harshed on this. NO I don't care I'm repeating myself. It's a show starring an English fatso wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses using shitty recording media and an even shittier premise to have an excuse to yell at a camera about what he considers to be logical points of geekdom when really, he's a glorified and overfed troll (figuratively and literally). Yes, I know I'm going the low route. No I don't care. This guy is comparable to Glenn Beck to me. He's a sad excuse of humanity that is saying things not for the truth or sense of his argument, but for the sensationalism.

Want an example? Here's the two show's taglines. You be the judge:

Extra Credits - "Where Games Matter."
Jimquisition - "GET ANGRY."

It's sad. So sad that Escapist is going this route. They've killed good shows before due to lack of funding (including Unforgotten Realms, one of my favorites) and it seems that they'll take the cheap shots who just want glory time instead of people who actually give a damn about what they say. Hell, half their funding could be just keeping Yahtzee on their site, but y'know what? That's kind of the point. He's the one who made them famous. They lose him, they lose everything.

...kinda like Bill O'Reilly now that I think about it.
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