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Test Site A-Go-Go!

For those who read my last journal, you know that I placed my comic strip - Biff the Vampire - on hiatus while I got my head straight. In this down time, I got some random artwork done as well as took a long hard look at my websites. Case in Point: The Biff site is old.

I have been adding and subtracting bits from the Biff site for years but it's still the same basic layout I tossed up back in February of '06. I added widgets a-plenty. I tried to shoehorn in a comments section and various social media-type doohickeys. I dropped in PW ads. I removed the Google ads. I've tossed in various bits of analytics code into the HTML without properly planning it then tried to comment it all up so I could find it again. I've messed with font sizes, image placements, table cell sizes, Donate buttons...

Simply put, I have beaten the hell out of it. -.-

As some of you may know, I make my scratch building simple sites for other people. I'm the guy folks go to when they want something that looks fantastic but doesn't rely too heavily on new tech to get it done. The sites I make are well designed and serve my clients well. They also look Nothing like the Biff site.

While in my slight comic-related funk, it hit me. Why do I have a website for my own project that isn't even representative of what I build for other people? SillyVamp is an old design. It was built in a rush to get something up so I can post my strip. It wasn't heavily planned out and sure as shootin' was made to handle all the added tech that I've thrown at it. So I took a couple of days and cooked up something new.

Enter Biff Redux.

I took a design I liked from a past project (Always a good reason to keep your spare files around) and used it as a base. Keeping in mind that I need to keep my comic above the fold, I took some tips from non-comic strip websites and added in functions and qualities I liked from general publishing and even some industrial sites.

I'm diggin' how it looks. I've had a few other folks drop me some opinions for changes but, like Johnny Five, I need more input. Give it a look and tell me what you think! Love it, hate it, ways to change it. I'm all ears. = )
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