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Why So Overprotective?

Following up on my previous journal entry, I will make a few admissions here which, for the better part of it, are very personal.  The first is based on that question I asked, about loving someone so much I can't let go.  The fact is, I'm enamored by him, I'm in love, in only that special way a parent can love a child.  I don't mean anything derogatory by this, but just because he is a fox and I love him deeply does not make me a furry.  I don't mean to say that "furry" is a bad association to anything -- it is the perception of what makes a furry that concerns me.

Nothing really scared me about the furry community... that is until I came across this whole cub art phenomenon.  There is a very thin line between non-sexual/casual nudity and graphic sexual content involving underage characters.  For example, I would considered a nude character study casual so long as no sexual arousal is depicted.  I don't consider depicting genitalia by itself offensive on an underage character so long as it serves a purpose.  I personally will not draw any nudes of Azlynn unless I feel they have a purpose or something of artistic or intrinsic value.

What scares me the most around furries?  It's the thought that I won't be able to protect my baby.  What I consider artistic or intrinsic value may well be used as sexual gratification for someone else, even if the artwork in question is simple casual nudity.  I can't stop that; if someone wants to get their rocks off and that's their cup of tea, there's really nothing I can do about it.  I have to admit to some small degree that Azlynn is in the least a bit attractive.  And of course, anything attractive is going to draw attention, even if it is unwanted.  To add to that, he is young, and younger characters more often times are considered more beautiful simply in spite of their youth.

That brings me back to cub art -- it's absolutely tasteless to me.  In fact, I find it absolutely offensive, especially when an underage character is depicted appearing to enjoy being raped by an adult.
... ... ...

Um... I was molested as a child and I can speak from the experience of it -- the theft of your innocence is like losing your virginity, and when both of those things happen at the same time, it screws with the rest of your life for the rest of your life.  That is why I'm so overprotective of my son.  He balances out the loneliness and gives me something to shoot for.  Damn, I almost felt like crying.
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
interesting read.. that sucks about what happened to you.. growing up i had 2 best friends and it turned out there father was a complete pedo (in jail now ty god) and i have weird flash backs but i don't let it get to me i actually don't think of them at all. its good to protect ur son from what u had experenced and i hope he will never face that.

I personally like cub art both mature and non. I like the cuteness of the characters not the fact there young. (Aldo i bet there are some who do).

As for the definition of Furry. I would count my self as one but I have sen people who also do and they really freak me out in the way they act but each person is different and acts differently . I guess the description of Furry differs to each person and what the title means to that person differs from what others think.
What i like in the shall we call the drawn world differs form what i like in the real world complete opposite in fact.

Try not to judge everyone who likes cubs as pedo's or what ever (Aldo there prob is some out there , but there are them people any where you go usual its the ones you would not think it would be are in fact)

cant really think of any thing more to ad.. i guess ..everyone likes different things for different reasons just don't judge a book by its cover if you get what i am saying
7 years, 3 months ago
Not to discredit your experience at all--believe me, I cannot even pretend to comprehend such a thing happening to me and I won't even begin to try--but at the same time there is a clear difference between fantasy and reality, and an even bigger difference between cartoons and actual children. I mean to stress this because the inherent appeal of cartoon characters (to me, anyway) is that you can create and shape your own world and set of rules that isn't bound by the restrictions and harsh realities that slap us in the face day by day.

For example, there are people out in the world who do enjoy rape for whatever reason; in your own world if you want children (in whatever context you use that term, mind you) to share that same affinity, it doesn't affect any actual, human children to create your own portrayal of that ultimately hypothetical, non-tangible situation. The separation of reality and fantasy--and, by extension, the ability to trust people to firmly separate those two things--is a very thin and delicate line, but properly tread there is really nothing objectively wrong with this sort of art. I realize your personal reaction to that and I do sympathize, but remember that outside of the abuse of real children, there is very little correlation between this art and an actual sexual attraction to children. I would even say a lot of it is influenced from positive sexual experiences with children. It's very wishy-washy.

Regardless of all of that, it seems you're aware of all of the risks of being involved in such a community if the protection of your character is something you legitimately consider dear to you. If you're still willing to post your art regardless of those things, I'm sure you'll find we'll be more than willing to respect your wishes and appreciate your talents.
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